INTER-FAN Hall Of fame...Come in an enjoy! We will be updating often!

Robert "Skip" Olson Page
Jerry Bails Page
Landon Chesney Page
Richard "Grass" Green Page
William Joseph White ie: Biljo Page
Alan James Hanley Page
Gordon Belljohn (GB) Love Page
Don Newton Page
Bill-Dale Marcinko Page

We at INTER-FAN would like to thank both Jason Gillespie for his contribution to the Landon Chesney page and Bill Schelly of Hamster Press with Twomorrows Publishing for giving us much need materials to do "Grass" Green's and other tributes. I would also like to thank Jean Bails for pictures and stories pertaining to Jerry's life.

Here are some of the books in these important tributes and below is Bill Schelly's site ffor more info in ordering these books