The following submitter is probably the youngest on the site so far. Age can be decieving! This is Elliott Reiland who is 12 years old and from Wisconsin. Please let us know what you think of his writing or e-mail Elliott direct or visit his web site at:

                        Attack Of Starfish
By Elliott Reiland
    The fish are suddenly going berserk, so Kyle calls a meeting at JLA watchtower, and no one shows up, except for Aquaman. They decide to go on in search for the missing JLA members. They decide to wander down to the depths of the ocean because a voice (Martian Manhunter's) is telepathically telling them to do so. As they wander deeper into the ocean the voice becomes louder. They finally reach the very depths of the ocean and the find a mermaid who calls herself starfish (Aquaman's mother!) Starfish has the JLA hostage plus she's controlling their minds to fight Aquaman and Kyle. Aquaman refuses to fight his teammates as well as his mother, so Kyle has to will his way out of this. Just as thing look as if they couldn't get any worse, Kyle's ring starts running out of juice, so he use's all of his might to create a dome around his head so that he is able to breathe. Using his JLA transmitter he struggles to call in recruits from Teen Titans and Young Justice, but is it to late?         Starfish grabs Kyle and starts to create some sort of cage made out of the sand on the ocean floor. Just when it looks like Kyle is done for he hears a sound as if there was a sudden crack of thunder. He looks up and sees Tempest creating an underwater cyclone and right behind him an air bubble holding Arsenal, Supergirl, Impulse, and Superboy. Suddenly Superboy and Wonder Girl burst out of the bubble and dart straight at Starfish. Then Kyle find out that Starfishe's weakness is children, then spots that Arsenal is holding Kyle's battery. Arsenal attaches the battery onto an arrow and fires. The arrow goes straight through the bubble and right into the bottom of the cage. Kyle picks up the battery, charges it up and makes hundreds of little mer-children. The mer-children start swimming towards Starfish and she is so distracted by trying to get away from the children that she gave way to the JLA and they broke free. Aquaman decides that since his mother was evil, that that was the right thing to do. Since Aquaman was Starfish's child he thought it was best if he finished her off. So Aquaman goes and destroys his mother, and they have a ceremony afterward because, even though she was evil, she was still a living being and should be respected.