Pam is someone I met thru SPA and since we don't really have enough animators represented Pam consented to ket me add her to our Gallery. Now a little bio about Pam or maP from one of her friends!

"Hi Everyone out there in ANIMATION LAND! Just a quick note to let you know that I'm doing my best to get Map on the Map! I'd like to personally thank you for all the wonderful comments you've sent to her..she's a wonderful girl, and I know that she deserves a better site..in time, we'll get this thing looking GREAT!!! Anyway, just wanna let you guys and gals know, she thinks the world of your support!

So, you wanna know more about Pam? Well, first of all, she's better than she tells people..in fact, she's a well kept secret in the world of Animation Drawing! I'm surprised she didn't delete me from her friend file after finding out what I did! However, she can't hide the fact that she is, and always will be, an excellent artist and animation INSTUCTOR!! She has the patience of a....well, what has alot of patience! Especially with KIDS!! I went to school with her and watched her hang out with the new kids teaching them what she'd learned...Later, I taught with her and watched her sit down with everyone and explain the if and or buts and how comes of drawing cartoons for animation! She brought life to our classes, kept the party going and knows everything about every movie, producer, director, animator, actor and fx department that ever lived.Plus, she's funny, has an exceptional attitude and is certainly excelling in the social skills department! After all, how the heck does she get all this attention in less than 24 hours of being online? Amazing Girl...

Now a quick note from Pam herself...

You probably know by now that I LOVE teaching animation..and I'll tell ya, it's not all that easy sometimes..Kids are coming at you from all angles, asking a million questions, and wanting me to draw their characters for them and buggin' me to draw famous cartoon characters all day long...but although it's tiring, it's FUN TOO! I get a big kick out of watching their eyes light up when they see their drawings actually MOVING for the first time! And there's nothing neater than coming to class in the mornings and the kids are anxiously waiting my arrival because they can't wait to start the next lesson!

I've been a member of the TORONTO ANIMATED IMAGE SOCIETY since 1999. I have done many film reviews of Animated Features as well as Live Action (with CG work) for the newsletter. You can find me at most of the General Events each month, and if not, I'm in a theatre taking notes for my next review!

To see the actual site and make comments go to PAMANIMATION

If you'd like to contact maP her address is prose62@hotmail.com

Here is another site I think Pam would like you all to try ANIMATIONNATION

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