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The following is from a great model maker named Aaron Brigman. He has been doing this type of work for years and I think he is one of the undiscovered talents that we here at INTER-FAN would like more people to know. As you can see from the pics he is quite a talent with a brush as you can see below.Also check out his new field of scuplting. He has just started delving into it and I think he has quite a career ahead of him.If you would like to get hold  of him you can e-mail him at:
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                Introduction to model-making

                        By Aaron Brigman
                        Imperial Model & Sculpture Works

    Well if you're reading this you're either a fellow modeler like me or you're considering entering the wonderful world of models, if you're the later then a great time awaits you!
    First off there are many types of models out there on the countless different subjects. There's Vinyl models which can run you about $50.00 to $200.00 in price depending upon the kit and the company it's made by. Then there's Resin which will cost a little more. There's Cold-cast Porcelain, something relatively new to model-making and is at least $125.00 for your average cold-cast kit. There's the considerable cheaper Injection Molded kits, usually made of a styrene type of plastic, building-wise the kit will be in more pieces so there will be more work involved to get rid of seams, but rest assured with good putty, sand paper and patience, impressive results can be achieved. Lastly there's Vaccumed-formed kits, which can be expensive and have a ton of work to them. I personally try to avoid them myself due to the fact they're extremely time consuming. One last thing on Vaccumed-formed kits is, don't let my personal opinion stop you if you find something you really like then go for it, with a lot of patience and care beautiful results can be achieved.

    Next we'll move on to the painting techniques and what type of paints to use on the various types of kits.
    Well I'll start by saying that on Vinyl and Resin always use water based acrylics. Also use water bases acrylics on Cold-cast porcelain kits. Now on Injection mold kits you can use enamel paints like Testors, the same can be used for vaccumed-form kits.

    Now on to painting techniques. First I suggest you primer your kit, this helps you see if all your sanding is complete  and will help your paint adhere better.

    Next apply your base colors for the various areas of the kit, them begin the detailing, such as shading and highlighting. Remember always work from DARK to LIGHT!!

    An airbrush is one way to get nice shading and highlights, but like everything else an airbrush requires practice to get good results. If you don't have an airbrush the same effects can be achieved with brushes.

    The most effective technique is Dry Brushing, which is when you paint an area a darker color then using a lighter color load your brush with paint, wipe off almost all the color off leaving very little on the brush then gently drag the brush over the raised surface thus highlighting the raised areas while leaving the recessed areas darker, giving great detail to your kit.

    On some areas of say a figure kit, such as when shading muscles a wash may be necessary. A Wash is when you thin your paint with water or thinner depending upon the medium to a transparent consistency. Another use of a wash is when you let the thinned paint run into recessed areas giving detail and believable shadowing. Then there's when you'll need a fine point detail brush to paint things such as eyes, teeth. Fingernails ect. Of course depending on the kit.

    Well that's about it for now, next time I'll take you step by step buildup and painting of a kit. Just in case you read this and you like models but would never try to build one and you have bought one, if you need it built and painted let me know and I'll do it for a reasonable fee. I am in the middle of catching up so give me a bit and I'll schedule you in.

    See above on how to contact me.


Star Wars ships


Darth Vader



Luke Skywalker

Princess Leia

Biker Scout

Boba Fett


Anakin Scupture

Lastly we have the man himself, Aaron with the mannequin known as VADER!!



We have gotten some art work that Aaron did for a fan film based on Star Wars called Fall of the Jedi" and I hope someday to see the film finished.


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