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Kenneth Ray is someone I met thru SPA but unfortunately I didn't have much info yet as my computer crashed and all his info went with it. But fortunately he was able to resend his bio . So here it is!



NAME: Ken Ray

BORN: April 21, 1962

CURRENT LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois

ARTISTIC EDUCATION AND TRAINING: I’ve self-taught myself through various books and learned various techniques at the South side Community Art Center (in Chicago) and three years at Columbia College (in Chicago).

PAST JOBS OF INTEREST: Art Advisor of an Art Club at the Manierre School for two years (in Chicago); plus various freelance jobs that includes a comic book called Maiden Hell, M-Studios, Slang Music Group and Manga Entertainment.

ARTISTIC INTERESTS: Various comic books (done in the conventional Western style as well as the Eastern Manga style), Japanese and American Animation, and Computer Graphics.

THE FIRST COMIC BOOK ARTISTS WHO INFLUENCED ME: Jack Kirby, George Perez, John Romita Sr., Frank Miller, and John Byrne...“Those guys are the boys who shape comic books”.

ARTISTS WHO INFLUENCE ME NOW: Shirow Masamune, Adam Hughes, Jim Lee, John Byrne, Alex Ross, John Romita Jr., Satoshi Urushihara, Joe Madureira, Carlos Pacheco, and Scott McDaniel...“These guys always motivate a brother to draw”.

WHY THIS FIELD? Because you can turn imagination into reality.

Now a more personal message from Ken.

Hello my name is Kenneth Ray. I am currently a graphic artist /illustrator working on different projects. Some of my influences come from American and Japanese. Both in animation and comic books. My love for art started at an early age.

In first grade a classmate drew a boat in front of me. I tried to draw it but couldn’t make it better. It was then that the boy showed me how to create the boat.

Although my friend started me on this path to being an artist, it was my next door neighbor who kelp me going. I remember him having so many drawings in his room. But my best times were with my “Art Krew”. We would talk about comic books and cartoons all the time. We even created our own characters and stories.

Now looking back, I always come back to the one thing that gives me joy in my life. By next year I hope to be working on or creating comic books.

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If you'd like to contact Ken, his address is

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