I have to thank our ol bud and i.F.o brother Nino for finding this talent. Nino works with her father and they thought she might fit into our group. There are only three graphics but hope to get more in the future. !

Here's a small bio of her.
Jiayin Song is a Chinese girl aged thirtenn. She lives in Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province. She is is grade five, in Shangta District Sunshine School. She performs excellent in both study and other aspects.
She is interested in drawing, music and sports. She insists on studying drawing in her spare time, these pictures are three of works selected from her practice. She hopes you will all comment on the forum and give her tips.If you have comments please e-mail us or Jiayin direct at: 1gm2623363@sohu.com

Jiayin's Art