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Gonzo is a geat cartoonist with a great perspective on the comics scene. Here are his HEROES RERUN strips that I find hilarious. But first a few words from Gonzo!

"I have LOTS of them from my almost one year run on that series. Most of the strips used "established characters" from Marvel and DC. Some were pretty bad, most were very good though. Doc Absurd, I think you'll find it funny that one of my strips was very similar in what you spoke of and involved Awesome Comics (when their initial financer pulled out). I also did a strip about the end of the VH-2 universe by Acclaim comics

Believe it or not, because of everyone’s interest in these “old” comics, I’m looking into putting “the best” of them together as a digest-comic, maybe even with a few NEW additions. I’m working with my wife right now to see how to best lay them out. I was initially thinking of doing them similar to Frank Cho’s Liberty Meadows but the logistics and time consumption might work against this format

To see the actual site and make comments go to Casa De Gonzales

If you'd like to contact Gonzo his address is johnny.gonzales@altus.af.mil

Heroes Rerun(more to come)!