Another great animator has joined our Gallery group. Say hello to Roger Foucault or Ferretshark as he is known in the forum world. I think he has some fantastic art and will be a exciting addition to our group, Here is a little bit of background!

Roger Foucault is a certified traditional/classical 2D animator/illustrator and resides with his wife and two children in the City of Dieppe, province of New Brunswick, Canada!
A high school Honours student in 1982, Roger went on to work in many non-artistic jobs over the years while endeavouring to refine and enhance his doodling to a marketable level in his spare time.
Prior to his formal animation training, Roger had been Freelancing as a cartoonist and graphic artist, having produced diverse drawing assignments, including logo designs, apparel designs, brochure and newsletter graphics, painted window art, as well as contributed newspaper cartoons for a local newspaper for a few years.
Roger trained in traditional/classical animation at NBCC Miramichi- an acclaimed college in northern New Brunswick, Canada), and completed his two year course with Honours as class valedictorian in December, 1998. He was also awarded the Principal's Honour Roll
Roger has been employed by a few information technology companies for the past several years, providing both commercial-style graphics and animation productions for clients of all types of industry.
One of his significant ventures in animation includes the creation and development of a concept he created in 2001 involving an animated children's television series. The marketing of this concept is still in ongoing
Currently Roger is freelancing his skills out to the marketplace. He is collaborating on two children's picture book projects with two separate authors. One book is to be released this year while the other is in the promotional marketing stages and is based on one of his concepts (yet to be revealed)
Illustrating picture books for children has been a lifelong dream for Roger and he is making those dreams become reality.
Future goals and aspirations are modest as Roger's only wish is to continue doing what he loves the most- draw! Whether it is for an employer or working at his animation table from home, he is always satisfied if he is sketching or being creative somehow!"

Below is just SOME of what you will be seeing in the coming months!!!! You can also visit his website at and also can e-mail him at:

Black and White Illos

Black and White Model Sheets

Coloured Illos

Three Step process from pencils to inked Cell