Watch out..Theres a DJ acoming!
DJ is one of the new wave of artists in the mold of Joe Mad and Ed McGinnis. But also loves others like Tim Sales Bruce Timms and Alex Ross. DJ is the Triple H cause he's that damn good!
**NOTE** Color piece was done by M0ore

Below is a bio from Mr DJ himself.

Life Mantra:"Being timid is no way to live. Go out and grab some gusto. And if the gusto files a lawsuit, claim you were misinterpreted." --- Scott Adams
Age : 20.
Hobbies/Abilities: dj'ing, pencilling, entrepeneur, and the endless study of the kama sutra in a cubicle-style workplace.
Current Location: Carpentersville, Illinois (in the ghetoooo...) .
Aspirations: To be an integral member of the Digital Evolution, and to fuse music and art to create an elevated state of visual and audio ecstasy. .
New item: DJ and his crew have started a new company called Blank Page Studios. Hit the link at the bottom of Gallery to see what these young turks are up to.
Departing Wisdom: Always take the road less travelled. Creativity is the expression of a defined individual. .

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