I have known Wally Lowe since our imprisonment at the old Comico Comics (The new Chicago version not the original trailblazing version). We have been thru thick and thin together since and I am very proud to have "The Walrus" as part of the IF family. Here is a little bit about him.

Wallace Lowe (WAL) lives with his family, deep in the wild hills of Indiana, venturing forth on occasion to the "Big City" and the rest of the outside world. His youth was misspent (a term largely open to interpretation) absorbing large doses of Saturday morning cartoons, Creature Features, comic books, and first generation children's breakfast cereals.

He currently divides his time between freelancing, comics , cartoons, children's publishing, and being a contributing member to a fanzine website known as "Inter-Fan". INTER-FAN PRODUCTIONS INK. under the name "Walrus". In his spare time, he enjoys being one of the happiest people on the planet.

Below is work fom Wally Lowe's :CLOSET MONSTERS

Hey Kids! a new color piece from The Walrus!!

Here are some pages WAL did for Griot Enterprises' Canton Kid!!

A new color piece from The Walrus that was created by the man himself!!