We have a new artists here at IF. Say hello to Cantrele who came to us by way of Ken Ray. Cantrele will hopefully be with us at WizardWorld 2004. Here is a little bit about Cantrele.

I started drawing at the early age of 7 years old. Started my professional career in comics with company named UPCOMICS I did a whole book which never got publish but the pin-up I did made it in the first issue of Power Knights, after dealing with UP it put bad taste in my mouth about comics. A good friend urged me to not to give up but to press on.
Started working for a recording studio for sevral years doing promotional art t-shirt designs etc. Then I had a chance to do my own book TOSHIN with ARROW MANGA.
I work for VIRAL MEDIA as lead illustrator doing everything from character development to storyboards for 2d and 3d animations.
I am now working with MUSTARDSEED COMICS puting out various creations of mine.I love martial arts, movies, anime video games and old muscle cars.

If you would like to e-mail Cantrele comments, e-mail him at: cantrele@sc.rr.com