NOMADINC's Costumes!!!!

I met Billy thru Ken Ray at this year's (2004) WizardWorld. I was impressed by his enthusiasm and designs. So now lets hear from Billy!. Oh!If you would like to get hold of him you can e-mail him at:

Born in 1970, A six year old black kid goes to a Halloween party given at his school, he asks his godfather to bring him an incredible hulk costume for the party. When the party starts, The kid hasn't received the costume yet, and he gets worried, just as the party's in full swing his godfather arrives with a Ben Cooper incredible hulk suit. When he opens the box to put the thing on -- he sees the worst mask in the world inside. No hulk, no Halloween, and that's when I decide that no one, not even the main costumer of the time, would ever spoil my Halloween again!

Melodramatic huh? It's a true story. anyway, I started sewing when I was 7, since my favorite character at the time sewed his own red and blue union suit, Spider-Man. The funny thing about that is, When I decided to make my spidey suit, I sewed myself into it, without zippers, Velcro, nothing. Not wanting to wake up my mother at 2:00 am, I just went to sleep in it. Well, 20 some odd years later I went from spidey on the powerpuff girls to this... never took a sewing class huh? I wore this little number (see pic 1 and 2) to the premiere of Spider-Man 1, Kids ran to me thanking me for beating the Green Goblin and Saving NYC. It also got me free tickets and the soundtrack free. That was one hell of a night!

I'd always loved superheroes, but I was always self conscious about my weight. When I reached thirty, I realized that I'm gonna be liked, or disliked, just live my life and have a ball with it, so when I started going to Cons, I said: why not go in costume, show off your talent, who knows what might happen, fat or thin -and here I am, making all of the heroes that I've ever loved, and there's more to come.

See above on how to contact me.