Welcome Barb your arrival has been much anticipated. Let's hear what you have to say about yourself!

Here's a bio of me.
"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And as one traveller long I stood,
and looked down one as far I could.."
A quote from a poem by Robert Frost..one of my favourite poets. I was born in the 13th of August 1983,I have one brother and live with seven people and a cat. I am a Malaysian and proud of it really.I was educated in a goverment school both malay schools but I went to an english kindergarten..which was a lot. We changed kindergarten(my bro and me) for some reason of fitting in. I had a passion for drawing at age four when I drew Mickey Mouse,the famous Peanuts and some other cartoons. I grew up watching tv and cartoons and reading and hearing stories from Enid Blyton and the likes of brothers grimm...and all that sort.
I loved to doodle and I loved art as far as it possibly went..a while later when I was in primary school I drew up stuff Snoopy oriented and I amused myself with them for hours..that's what drawing is for I believe..to entertain oneself and entertain the audience with a "zing". In 1995 after I was awed by Disney's The Lion King I was also inspired By Sir Elton John one of the greatest pianist and singer in the history of music in my opinion.I started doing a comic strip called "Billy" a very early stage of "Carlton" Elton was of course one of the characters. Later on it changed from Billy to Carl and Max to Carl and then finally settling to Carl.
Three years later I created RoomMates which compromised of Isaac Peterson, Jordan Farmer,Bradford Keating,Sarah Hanson and Ryan Brent. I had some series of strips published in the local famous newspapers entitled " The Star" because bless the editor's heart and the sweet lady who helped me Marrianne she helped me do a little project in which I concealed to myself until it's debut.
I had some comics published in high school three years in a row in the English Society magazine. Other than art I love and adore Poetry. I love the beauty of poetry as much as I love writting them, art inspires me everyday in everyway and I live and breathe art
Now that all that formality is done let's get casual. I love music as well from Pop to rock to classical to musical to the oldies. To name a few, I love Creed, Hanson, New Found Glory,Oasis,Coldplay,Era,Sheryl Crow, Third eye Blind,Pink and Kid Rock,Linkin Park, Our Lady Peace, Puddle Of Mudd,Aerosmith and there's too many to list but Elton John and Beegees and Peter Cetera and Roxette were the few old favourites of the early seventies to eighties.
I am studying In LimKokWing Institute Of Crearive Technology which is now a University College..and I am blessed to have so many friends and the best class and classmates anyone could ever pray for. I created Bernie when I met a very talented artist in college, Buz Walker who has the heart of gold and kind hearted guy.
He helped me a lot through the times when he taught there...I enjoy fantasy stories and I adore reading as much as writting them. I am a huge fan of Harry Potter and I think J.K. Rowling is one of the best authors ever to reign the world of literature, Shakespeare would have loved her. I met Fieza in college too. She is very bubbly and outgoing and she loves Lord of the Rings.She helped me a lot also through the hardship but right now I am in my final semester of Diploma. I am studying and majoring in Animation and Multimedia Design.
I hope to further my studies and be one of the coolest animators around. Presently I am up to drawing a story called "The Legendary Legacy" which is a temporary title for my comic which I called it " Pup the Brave" last sem on my assignment.
The Story will come in as the story completes itself...right now I will embrace the serenity of grabbing myself a nice cup of cold drink and chill till the ship sails me off to a new island of possibilties. Thank You.

I would like to thank Barb for the nice bio and that I am glad she has arrived in The Gallery. So now enjoy the art below.

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