The following art pieces are from Adrianne of Chi-town. Here are some comments from Adie.
"I'm in my second year at Columbia College Chicago working toward a BFA in Illustration. My decision to go into Illustration was a late one. I spent my high school years emersed in theater, but ultimately decided that it wasn't the path for me and chose to go to Columbia for art (a life long love). I seem to be the only non-graphic design major in the world today and will never make a dime, but Im loving it.
My major artistic influences are Dr. Suess, Tim Burton, Scott McCloud, Alex Ross, Japanese Anime styles, and Mike Carlin for his kind advice.
These drawings here are just some character sketches and page layouts for my comic book which I am in the process of writing. If you wanna know more about my comic, Theopleus Carter, just e-mail me. Most of the drawings are just some quick ink or pen drawing and a couple are in pencil.
Please e-mail any critiques, inquires, or comments, I love mail!"
I believe this is one of the most diverse  work I've seen yet.  If you want to see another side of Adie go to  and look for a-train I think you'll like it! Cant wait for more. If you'd like to contact Adie her address is






Here is the first of what I know will be some awesome graphics from Adie. I hope once the summer comes we will see a lot more of her work! I think the first image below is great and she says it was only the second thing she has done on Photo Shop!! As always any copyrighted characters are owned by their creaters.

copyright dc comics


I thought Id send you some things I did for school last year.

This is  a girl I did in pen and a nude in color

The last one  is a self-portrait that was a final project for my drawing class