This gallery is dedicated to past Inter-Fan artists who I have lost contact with. Laurie May I met in Texas, both had art in the old Inter-Chain APA published in 87-88 or there abouts. Pete Castillo I knew in high school and inked a page of Warr which was never published and have only one piece from him. I know he did a strip in a local newspaper but haven't heard anything since. The others I found a box with art from these fine folks and in most cases have no contact info and what I do have is outdated so if anyone recognizes the art or name please contact IF!

Pete Castillo
Laurie May

The following are artists I would like to get a hold of to see how they are doing and see if they are interested in new IF projects!

Mark Miraglia

Erik Weems

Stanley Wisniewski

John Watkins Chow

Alan Oldham

With Jim Bertges sending me his library of IF art, stories and correspondense going back to the 70's I have more and artist that I am looking for to see about the IF Anthology. Hopefully they might "google" their name and find us.

Charles Ray Davis

Bud Perkins

J. Michael Long

Charles R. Davis