Clint's World!!!!

Clint is another of those great artists I meet thru other folks like fellow iFo member and artist supreme Nino. But because of a computer crash a few weeks ago I had lost all my info, but Clint was able to resend all his work and bio. Now lets hear what Clint has to say about himself!

Clint’s Bio

(Written by Clint Basinger, in some sort of strange third person).

Since he was a youngster Clint ate, drank, and slept “Comic Books”. Well it’s no surprise, that he had so many cases of food poisoning from ingesting all that comic book ink.

A few years later, Clint was an art major at Murray State University, graduating in 1999. He concentrated on drawing, using different medias, especially detailed pen and ink drawings. He dabbled in printmaking, ceramics, intro computer graphics, sculpture, and woodworking.

Since then, he’s had a few failed attempts at being a world conquering mad scientist. But, always keeps his fingers crossed, and his laser cannons on the battery charger.

In the last few years he has lived on a farm with his grandmother Nanny. He has short meaningful conversations, with the neighbor’s cows (although they have different tastes in comic books).

Mr. Basinger enjoys writing, penciling, and inking his own comic creations. He has a couple of 4-part mini-series written. One story involves a couple of teenage comic book wannabees. The other is an action packed, humorous super hero book.

Well, if you’re like me, you are saying, “What’s the deal with all these words, and no sequential images of weirdoes in capes?” So, Please enjoy the caped weirdoes.

Sequential Art
Indie Heroes