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The mission of INTER-FAN PRODUCTIONS INK. is the following:

   To provide an outlet for independent writers and artists to have their work published in independent publications which hopefully (but not always)  leads to other contacts. We also provide in-house critiques by co-editors or a review board.


   To provide information to members of fandom activities (conventions, news item) and fanzine publications who need contributions  or who publish items of general interests.  Since the early seventies we feel fandom  has splintered into separate groups who though with good intentions has been working against one another. What we would like is fandom to come back as one entity helping each other out for the good of all. We have also started a forum where you can leave comments, news and downloads for others to enjoy such as pencil art, inks, paintings sequentials and more. We are also thinking of getting a chat room started so we can coomunicate better and be more of a family.


   To provide to fandom generally; articles, portfolioes, and  eventually either  periodicals or web sites pertaining to historical  events of fandom, opportunity to view little collected artwork, obscure artists/writers and to expand fandom's knowledge of artists and writers who are not "fan favorites", but none the less have contributed to the development of comics as a viable form of literature.


   With the publication or development of INTER-FAN and the possible publication of portfolios showcasing some very fine old-timers and new talent drawn from our membership, these include artists who though been in the business awhile might never have done a portfolio before. At the same time we will also try to get back some of fandoms artists and writers who might not have done any work for fandom in quite awhile. We hope to expand and enlighten fandom of it's past and it's potential future.


    All these things mentioned above will take time and patience so we don't plan to rush into this halfcocked. We need your support!! We would appreciate suggestions.  You may e-mail me @  and tell us what you think.

                                            THANK YOU
                                            Editor Inter-Fan
                                             DOC Boucher