This where the term "Where Fandom Meets" comes into play!The following is Ian Shires Founder of SPA and Dime Store Productions!

The Online Small Press Supersite "Come explore the wide, wide world of publications that are done by people just like you and I. From the kid who draws comics at study hall and prints minicomics at the corner print shop, to the semi-pro artist who's putting out their full size comic of their dreams and hoping that they are the next Cerebus. You will find out more about them here. So, whether you are a small press novice or a long-term network figure, thanks for stopping in...and let us know what you think!" -Ian Shires

Thanks Ian! Next is a little background about SPA from Ian and after which go to the link (logo) and see what you like. So enjoy..and tell them INTER-FAN sent you!


Welcome to the SPA, a loosely-knit group of writers, artists, publishers and their fans from around the world who have been brought together by their involvement with the wonderful world of small press. Our main goal and purpose is to be a learning/teaching group, bringing in more and more people to the wonderful world of the small press. If you have your name listed on this website, or are a subscriber to the Obscurity Unlimited print magazine, then you are already a member! Our first Member Handbook listed over 450 people, and it looks like the next one will top 2000!! There are NO DUES to be a member of the group, but there are many levels of involvement. You choose how much or how little you do as an SPA member. The Group is about taking positive steps towards achieving your dreams of being a writer, artist, and/or publisher. All who have something positive to add are welcome to participate.

There are some wonderful plans getting into motion and you can be involved! If you haven't joined the Forum, where we're doing discussion of projects! It is a topic-driven, fun place to share ideas, post your news, and get feedback on your latest writing or piece of art. We also have a Yahoo Group, which is where the SPA was originally born as a Club. There are those that can't stand Yahoo's pop-up ads, and that what led to our starting the Forum, but there are still many members who prefer the e-mail system of Yahoo, so it is quite active also. The Group is less topic-driven, and more conversational. But both are great free tools to get you active in the SPA.

As a member of the SPA, you are encouraged to promote the club's existence, and we have the perfect set of tools for you to do so. We have a page of logos that you can use on your publications and websites to show that you are a serious member of the small press community.

Members interested in submitting work to our new flagship contributorzine Mysterious Visions Anthology, please check out our guidelines as posted here. We want to have the finest anthology on the planet, and have YOU as part of it!