Maelstrom by Russ Maheras

The following are covers and I hope a series of article by Chicago's Fanzine/Small Press pioneer Russ Maheras. But first a bio from the man himself

I've actually been involved with fanzines (which later evolved to the much broader, term "small press") almost non-stop since the mid-1970s. My participation ebbs and flows depending upon what has been going on in my life, but generally, with a few exceptions (1979-81, 1983, 1985-86), my participation been there in one form or another. For example, from 1987-2002, I was an active publishing member of either the United Fanzine Organization (UFO) or Comic Amateur Press Alliance-alpha (CAPA-alpha). I was a UFO member from 1987-1991, and a CAPA-alpha waitlister in 1990, and then a member from 1991-2002. I was very heavy into small press from 1986-1990, when the small press movement really took off.

Below are the covers from my long-running fanzine, Maelstrom. The covers of the first issue (1974), and issue 7 (the 25th anniversary issue, published in 1999) were drawn by Michael Wm Kaluta. The covers for issues 2 (1974), 3 (1987), 4 (1988), 5 (1989), 6 (1990) and 8 (2001) were drawn by me. Also shown are covers I drew for the fanzines Sensawunda 7 (Spring 1985), Tetragrammaton Fragments 104 (Jan. 1988) and The Buyer's Guide for Comic Fandom 116 (Feb. 6, 1976).

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