Welcome to Kiss-Me-Comix

We are Kiss Me Comix and I'm Rod Jenkins and with my Wife Barbara We do everything to produce our two titles: Serenade, Bountyhunter!

Barbara is the Writer and Artist for Serenade, she graduated from American Academy of Art, and she has been drawing since she was a child!

Rod is the writer for Bountyhunter and Both of us draw the art for Bountyhunter!

The first two issues featured Barbara's art mainly but since then I have taken up then pencil and I have used two books plus my wife's instrcution to come close to how she draws! We have been in business for nine years mainly doing graphic art Cards, and Ads for friends and family, putting our publishing behind and within the last two years we made the push! Our art is what some would consider "old School" meaning all the coloring,and art is done by hand, only the lettering is done via computer! and seeing the results it had been well worth the effort!

Below is the Mission Statement of K-M-C!!!!

Who said comics have to be the same size?

Who said comics must have computer coloring?

Who said comics have to be called "comics"?

Dare to be different! We challenge you to read our titles: Sereneade´┐Ż, Bountyhunter´┐Ż compare us to the standard comics, and you won't view comics the same ever again!

Todays comics are based on industry standrads that maxmimizes profits and forgets you the reader!

Kiss Me Comix knows what readers want, great art, a great story at a great price! We bring back the the joy of reading comics to you, and the concept of being original!

Kiss Me Comix puts new innovations on the 'old school' concepts of having great art and a great story! We don't play by the rules! Nor do we try to copy anybody! We have our own style and feel that most readers can and will enjoy!

Kiss Me Comix ain't about following the leader! Nor will Kiss Me Comix be lost in the crowd! We are a breath of fresh air, blazing our own path, leading comics to a bold new future! We invite you to join us today! There won't be a dull moment!

The two covers are just some of what Kiss-Me-Comix has to offer. More soon!

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