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Latest update news,March 3 2018

This Saturday will be at Monster Mayhem at the Patio Theater in Chicago!!!!

Latest update news, Jan 16 2018

In July, we will be participating at Oddball Art Labs' Strange Imaginations and Other Perplexing Wonders!

Latest update news, Oct 29 2017

Mighty Con at the Dupage County Fairgrounds on Saturday November 11!!!!

Latest update news, September 01 2017

Will be part of Rockets, Robots and Space Vixen Exhibit at the Art Lofts on Spring Street in Elgin near Side Street Studios!! Presented by OddBall Art Labs!!!!!

Latest update news, May, 01 2017

Something different this time, being part of an art exhibition with the theme of monsters. Showing pen and inks and some watercolor.

Latest update news, November 6th, 2016!

Though it's been a while since I've posted and haven't gone to any cons this year. I did want to bring attention to Zurko Midwest Promotions' return to St Charles Il at the Pheasant Run Resort Mega Center!!!

Latest update news, August 8th,2015!

Late summer convention in Lake County aka Lake Count-I-Con new location the Lake County Fairgrounds convention hall on August 29th and 30th and we'll have a booth!!!

Latest update news, May 10, 2015!

At last a convenion near me. The FC# Forest City Comic Con will be at the Clocktower in Rockford.on May 16th. See below!!

Latest update news, December 8, 2014!

Last Convention of the year at the DuPage Fairgrounds....Mighty Con, Saturday December 13th opens a 10AM!!!

Latest update news, October 5, 2014!

Gonna be near 6 Corners in Chi-town this Saturday!! A mega show involving 3 local comic convention organizers (The Toys-Comics-Statues Show, Portage Monster Club and Mighty Con), it called Chi-town Ultimate Con ! SLOCUM HALL 3601 N MILWAUKEE AVE. CHICAGO ILL 60641. DOORS OPEN AT 10.00 TILL 5.00

Latest update news, September 27, 2014!

A new show for us but it's been around a while, Mighty Con on Saturday September 27, 2014 at The DuPage County Fairgrounds!!! We'll be there!

Latest update news, July 5, 2014!

Portage Monster Club! New location near 6 Corners in Chi-town this Saturday!! SLOCUM HALL 3601 N MILWAUKEE AVE. CHICAGO ILL 60641. DOORS OPEN AT 10.00 TILL 5.00

Latest update news, May 29, 2014!

New show!!!!! Lake Count-I-Con! Lake County's 1st annual Comic, Retro-Toy, Game and Art convention! Saturday, June 28 at 12:00pm Round Lake Beach Cultural & Civic Center in Round Lake Beach, Illinois!!!! We'll be there!

Latest update news, April 16, 2014!

The Toys-Comics-Statues Show is back at The Orland Park Civic Center on Saturday May 31, 2014. Hope you can make it, I will be showing my latest stuff

Latest update news, March 14, 2014!

They 'back!!! PORTAGE MONSTER CLUB MARCH 22ND SAT DOORS OPEN AT 11.00 Across the street from The Portage Theatre, see banner below

Latest update news, February 25, 2014!

Found out about an art gallery event in Harvard that happens every 4th Friday of the month, called....4th Fridays. See link below hope to show some of my artwork in April.

Latest update news, February 23, 2014!

Springtime means it's DanCon time, even this long winter won't prevent Wally and me to be there.

Latest update news, February 23, 2014!

New Science Fiction Related convention in town. Chi-FI lot of controversy but should be fun, this year will only be a one day event at night..go to their site for more info. I'll have new art!!!

Latest update news, November 14, 2013!

Gail Boren Library in Elgin and Chicago Tardis celebrating 50th Dr Who anniversary.

Latest update news, November 14, 2013!

Chicago Tardis is on town celebrating Dr Who's 50th Anniversary, hoping to show off some Dr Who illos I did.

Latest update news, November 4, 2013!

Last comics show till Spring will be The Toys-Comics-Statues Show at The Orland Park Civic Center on Saturday November 16, 2013. Hope you can make it, I will be showing some new artwork

Latest update news, August 7, 2013!

Krista and I will be seeing Mick Foley LIVE at Zanies in Rosemont!!!

Latest update news, August 4, 2013!

Posted my new project "Index Card Sketch Art!!!/b>

Latest update news, April 24, 2013!

Comic Book Mania Convention again in Elgin on June 8th at the Gail Borden Public Library. Marcus and I will be there along with Wally Lowe!! See link below for more info..

Latest update news, January, 28, 2013!

A new year and another new convention IF will be going on March 16, 2013...DANCON.Again Wally Lowe , myself and joining us my son Marcus and his amazing Spray Paint Art. Join the fun!!

Latest update news, January, 1, 2013!

New year new stuff and projects. First is The Golden Age History of Comics mural.

Latest update news, December 6, 2012!

Chris Ecker from Big Bang Comics, informed me of a one day convention at the DuPage County Fairgrounds Saturday December 15th.Chris and Gary Carlson of BBC will both be there, go down and say howdy to them.

Latest update news, November 3, 2012!

Going to the Chicago Tardis a Doctor Who convention in Lombard to see my old friends Gene Smithe and Scott Kavacky from the old Collectors' Image days.

Latest update news, October 15, 2012!

This weekend is San Diego Comic Fest..wish I could have gone. Great old school convention, maybe next year for me.

Latest update news, June 09, 2012!

Paraphrasing Grassroots Acton:

We are a growing organization which endeavors to articulate opposition to a proposal by the Chicago Tabernacle Church to acquire and permanently alter the historic Portage Theater. While we would not disapprove per say of such a move if this was a long defunct structure which had fallen into disrepair. This is in fact a functioning movie theater and concert venue which serves the community. Moreover the current tenant has invested more than $100,000 in the renovation and stewardship of this historic theater with deep roots in the Portage Park neighborhood of Chicago. We ask you to spread the word of our struggle and we will keep you informed of the latest developments.

Latest update news, May 14, 2012!

I know it's kinda early (October 19-21, 2012 Town and Country Resort and Convention Center) but this is what I was praying would happen in SD, hope my California friends will take advantage of this.

Latest update news, May 10, 2012!

Though IF won't be there, Tom Stillwell of Honor Brigade:will be there so help support Tom and his great comics.

Latest update news, April 26, 2012!

IF will have a booth at the Northwest Comic & Gaming Event, May 12th 10am to 6pm, please come and support this great event.

Latest update news, April 25, 2012!

We will (hopefully) be at the Kankakee Fantasy Con, June 9th 10am to 5pm, ought to be a great time.

Latest update news, April 24, 2012!

Comic Book Mania Convention again in Elgin at the Gail Borden Public Library. We will definitely be there!!!! See link below for more info..

Latest update news, March 10, 2012!

Time again for S.P.A.C.E. (Small Press and Alternative Comix Expo) in Columbus, though IF won't be there I hope everyone has a great time.

Latest update news, January, 30, 2012!

A new year and another new convention IF will be going to this coming March...DANCON. In it's 2nd year, Wally and I are really looking forward to this one!!!!

Latest update news, December 12, 2011!

There's another new Comic Convention happening in June. CHICAGO ALTERNATIVE COMICS EXPO JUNE 16 & 17 2012 I hope to be there sharing a table with Wally Lowe!!!. Finally a Indie show again in Chicago. See link below..

Latest update news, September 20, 2011!

There's a new Comic Convention happening this Saturday October 1st, 2011. The Northwest Comics and Gaming Event Co-sponsored by Modern Age Comics in Elgin. I'll be there, so lets support this great effort. See link below..

Latest update news, August 6, 2011!

Will be at WizardWorld-Chicago (Chicago Comic Con) We will be representing Unscrewed. Our table number is: 3912.

Latest update news, June 15, 2011!

New Green Lantern out in a few days. Here's the trailer.

Latest update news, June 14, 2011!

Comic Book Mania Convention in Elgin at the Gail Borden Public Library. See link below for more info..

Latest update news, June 1, 2011!

Might be going to Chicago Comic Con (WizardWorld) See link below for more info..

Latest update news, May10, 2011!

Newest convention in Ft. Wayne Indiana!!!

Latest update news, May 2, 2010!

Well Thor will be out in a few days, here is a preview trailer..

Latest update news, March 17, 2011!

Been working on my Golden Age Super-hero poster with the help of Jeff Austin but perhaps may make a card set instead.

Latest update news, February 18, 2011!

Going to try and go to DanCon2011. Hope all local artists and fans check it out!!

Latest update news, January 01, 2011!

Happy New years. here's hoping for new beginnings!!!!.

Latest update news, July 20, 2010!

Been away for awhile re-thinking IF as a business, thinking just let it be art site and see if these feelings go away.

Will be going to Chicago Comic Con (WizardWorld). No table just to look around and report. See link below for more info..

Latest update news, May 2, 2010!

Still working on the GA poster, maybe will get done soon.

Latest update news, April 10, 2010!

Table Con is going to be held as a two day event in Texas this May. Table-Con will be making another Chicago appearance again though. That too will be announced on a later date. Catch Nino Mersarino and Unbelievable Laundry Detergent Man there.

Latest update news, March 20, 2010!

Visitation will take place from 2-8 p.m. Sunday at River Woods Funeral Chapel, 205 S. River Road in Des Plaines. A funeral service will take place at 11 a.m. Monday at Maryhill Cemetery & Mausoleum, 8600 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Niles.

Latest update news, March 18, 2010!

Sad news today as Joe Sarno passed a way today, he will sorely be missed. He was a great friend to IF and Small Press.

Latest update news, March 17, 2010!

Gary Colabuono posted the following " My friend and mentor, Joe Sarno, took a bad fall the other day and is in grave condition. Joe was one of those rare individuals whose love for comics and science fiction provided him with not only a career, but the means to touch thousands of lives. I know there's a little bit of Joe in me. I think many of you feel the same way." Keep Joe in your prayers

Latest update news, February 5, 2010!

Hope to go to C2E2 (Comic Convention and Entertainment Expo at The McComick Place, hope to get pro passes for me and the mrs..

Latest update news, January 25, 2010!

Opps, Happy Belated New Years.

Latest update news, December 25, 2009!

Merry Christmas.

Latest update news, October 25, 2009!

Well had a great time in Tinley Park, hope they have a nother one soo. Got a great Tom Artis portfolio done By Just Imagine Publishing who did books bu Phil Folio, Doug Rice and Jill Thompson.

Latest update news, October 10, 2009!

Had a great time with Wally, LaMorris, Raf and Juan among others, also met Ashley Wood. I was also able to give Richard "Grass" Green's wife Janice his "IF Fandom Hall of Fame" award, which was taped and a lot of his family were present. Seitu Hayden a freind and student of "Grass' gave a great testimonial. Was a great day. Have photos up on my Face Book Account.

Latest update news, September 18, 2009!

Will be visiting at the Windy City Meet and Greet Comic Con on Hlasted in Chicago this weekend..

Latest update news, August 12, 2009!

Well, Chicago Comic Con (formerly WizardWorld-Chicago, formerly Chicagon Comic Con) is over and was an interesting show, somewhat an 80's show as DC, Marvel, Dark Horse and Image did not have any presence this year. Will have a full reports and photos soon. .

Just finished my podcast interview at Comic Cafe with Dan Burke and should be up for listening next week. I hopefully covered everything I wanted to mention, so will update when it's up. In the meantime listen to shows Dan has previously done. Thanks for the opportunity Dan!! Please go to the link below for more info.

Latest update news, August 1, 2009!

It's that time in Chicago for Wizard World-Chicago, now Chicago Comic Con 2009.
I and Krista will be there Sunday and hope to visit our friends at Artist Alley and report on how it went. For more info, click the logo below.

Latest update news, July 27, 2009!

Recently received an e-mail from Tom Stillwell, about a serious news item you should all know about.
Noted comics writer John Ostrander, has been battling glaucoma for years now.
If he loses, he loses his eyesight.
John recently under went a surgical procedure called Glaucoma Filtration Surgery (trabeculectomy). The surgery is a treatment when medications cannot lower eye pressure enough. Excess interior fluid in the eye or pressure erodes the optic nerve � that's basically what glaucoma does. Over the past several decades, John had grown resistant or allergic to some of the meds he had been taking that have kept the pressure down.. Click link below for further details.

Latest update news, July 18, 2009!

More updates in The Thousand and Fanzine History Sections. Keep a watch out for more!!

Latest update news, July 16, 2009!

Added new link in Article Section, for all those creators looking for a publisher. It's Artist/Writer Colleen Doran (A Distant Soil), and her experiences finding a publisher and some of the not so up and up people she had to deal with. Very good advise for you inexperienced people out there.
Also adding some artwork to The Thousand Section (our new proposed imprint).

Latest update news, July 10, 2009!

Some good news is that I was contacted by Turtel Olni and was offered a spot at The Black Age of Comics Convention or "BLACK AGE XII" which will take place the weekend of Oct. 9th 2009 in the Hyde Park area of Chicago which is the home of President Obama.
We are planning to meet next week and I hope to do the Richard "Grass" Green "IF Fandom Hall of Fame" presentation then.

Also be on the lookout for some IF art in some of the Main Enterprises books coming out later this summer. We will also have some two new books from IF coming out I hope in a couple of weeks.

Latest update news, June 29, 2009!

All local Chicagoans should like this following site that Tom Stillwell (Spinner Rack Comics), has put up and even those not living here and may want to visit, please check out waht Tom has to offer.

Latest update news, June 10, 2009!

Though it pains me to do so I am going to have to cancel The Jam and look toward next year, due to low response and the economy plus some family medical issues, I just don't think this is the time to do this and make it the way I wanted to give you all the best IF can give. I will be concentrating on the publishing arm of IF. I will still have Fandom Hall of Fame presentations, maybe have at one of Nino's Table Cons.

I am now going to shoot for October 2010, anyone that paid already I will refund or can keep as reserve for next year. Still having it at 6 Corners. Again applogize and let's look forward to the future.

Latest update news, June 9, 2009!

Added some art to the "Whatever Happened Too" and IF Fandom Hall of Fame" sections!!

Sent e-mail to Exhibtors to please have registration forms and table fees by next week. Also e-mailed Graham Crackers if they would like to participate in Jam.

Latest update news, May 31, 2009!

Still working on IF Jam (need those table reservations soon)and two new IF Publication titles. Also new editorial up!!!

Latest update news, April 27, 2009!

Lots of stuff happening in May. Gonna try and visit the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention. Click link below for further details.

Free Comic Book Day this weekend.. Click link below for further details.

Rene Castillano, Dave Gruba and Jose NINO Mesarina of Instant Press Comics will be at ALTERNATE REALITY COMICS for FCBD, please visit and suppor5t our local talent.

Rene Castillano and Dave Gruba will also be at Anime Central on May 8-10th. See link below for more details.

Latest update news, April 23, 2009!

Great time at SPACE though loooooooong trip both ways. Have photos up in Convention Section.

Also now have Small Press History Section up with commentary by Rick Bradford.

Latest update news, April 15, 2009!

Heading out to SPACE (Small Press Alternative Comics Expo),hoping to meet with Jim Main, Larry Blake and others.

Latest update news, April 2, 2009!

Things for the Jam are still brewing. Check out IF Jam Section for more info.

In the meantime, check out the awesome Model and Classic Toy Show at the Portage this weekend.

Latest update news, March 28, 2009!

It's finally here, the IF Fandom Hall of Fame presentation that took place at the 2008 IF Jam in Homewood Illinois. Our first inductee was James Alan Hanley, Chicago legend and inspiration for a generation of artists. We presented the award to his daughter, Krista Hanley. We would like to thank Krista and also Jim Engel, Russ Maheras and Doug Rice for giving us a memorable Jam. There are also interviews with several participants who talk about their different projects and publications.
Again, thanks to everyone for coming and hope to see you all this October, at The Portage Theater in 6 Corners...CHICAGO!!!!!!

Interfan Jam 2008

Latest update news, March 23, 2009!

Wade Busby will be at Emerald City ComiCon, April 4th - 5th. See link below for more details.

Well we may have found a venue, in of all places 6 Corners @ The Portage Theater.More later!!

We have a new member to IF, please welcome Erik W Hendrix (The Last Bard as he is know at SPA), who will be our field correspondent/photog, who will be helping report on local cons in his area along with Anthony Gagliardo. They will both be at SDCC. Welcome Erik.

Latest update news, February 28, 2009!

The long awaited INTER-FANthology should be available in a week or two. Though some mishaps were experienced thing are smoothed out now.

Self Publisher Association (SPA) Small Press Idol 2009 has started and I am going to try and bring "Lil 6 Corners" back to life.

Also time to start thinking of INTER-FAN Jam 2009, looking at Homewood but hope find something closer to Chicago, stay tuned for updates.

Latest update news, January 30, 2009!

This weekend is the opening salvo of the Comic Convention Season, with TABLE CON. Click link below for more info.

Still waiting on books to be delivered (INTER-FANthology). But will have 2 ashcans at table CON. I will also be doing some JAM PR while there and then get my next two ashcans printed. More later!!

Latest update news, January 18, 2009!

New Year, New President, New Goals and Outlook!!

A new year and new outlook and projects. Starting to think about INTER-FAN Jam 2009, have a couple of locations we are looking at and maybe find a permanent place. Also for those who think we dropped the ball about the auction, we had some issues with our camera and hoping (weather permitted) to go to The Zone and hopefully get some photos taken.

We now have INTER-FAN PUBLICATIONS as well with the publishing of INTER-FANthology (which I will be getting back from the printer this coming week). We also have ashcans, INTER-FANthology Preview, INTER-ChainAPA, INTERFANtasy and NINOvisions. As I have now cracked the secret of making PDF files and coloring in PhotoShop, look for some new books to premier. We will be featuring unpublished IF art and newly discovered talent.

For all you Golden Age collectors (and you know who you are), Check out the link below. Free downloads of Public domain titles from Amazing-Man to Zaza the Mystic. Sorry no DC's or Timely's (Marvel).

Latest update news, December 24, 2008!

Happy Holidays to all!!!

Sorry, have been derelict in updating site but the last few months have been very busy. 2008 was a very productive year, we had our 2nd Annual IF Jam in Homewood Illinois. We handed out the first ever IF Fandom Hall of Fame award to the daughter of Alan Hanley, Krista. We are in the process of getting the long awaited INTER-FANthology printed and have published our ashcan version of the Anthology and am in the process of having three more done.

We have had our ups and downs and illness has touched the IF family as my secretary Kathleen Scianna is in the mist of chemo to battle breast cancer and i have great hopes she will be fine.

On a lighter note Steve (SonofDOC) and lovely wife and my daughter-in-la Sarah are expecting their second son any day now, his name is Connor Benjamin. Yeah named after Green Arrow's son Connor Hawke. Also found out that my other son Marcus has been hiding his artist talent and is quite good doing life drawing sketches so am having him try his hand at doing illos of horror as The Chaneys, Bela and Karloff.

Below is an ad I did for the Anthology that has appeared in some fellow creator's books.

Latest update news, October 11, 2008!

Black Age of Comics Convention / Onli Studios

Get ready for "BLACK AGE X!" Oct. 10th, 11th, & 12th, 2008 will be the 11th Annual Convention will be a scattered site event in the form of a month long group exhibition, a lecture, vending situations, signings, and a professional press conference. All free to the public. The term, "The Black Age of Comics", refers to independent creativity. This, the most independent movement in this game, welcomes all positive creative innovators and fans.

Latest update news, September 30, 2008!

Well The Forum is back up so would like folks to start posting again if they can. (No bots allowed).
Also working on next year's jam, which may be changed to INTER-FAN ComicBook Jam, as folks didn't know what "Lam" meant and that the phrase "comicbook" may bring in more folks. I like "Comix" myself.
For those who are wondering, the auction that was to be at The Jam will now be online and am looking to place items on eBay, will be taking photos tomorrow and upload to the site, still looking for contributions.
There will be more Jam photos on the site in the next few days, so please visit.

Latest update news, September 19, 2008!

Ok still recovering from the experience of our first two day show..
Anyway, The Jam 2008 is history but what a history, even the wraith of Mother Nature with it's torrential rains could not keep us down. I have started posting an after con report and there are photos on the IF Jam Section, hopefully to add more,

Latest update news, September 9, 2008!

A few more days for INTER-FAN Jam 2008. We are really hoping for a great there!. See y

Latest update news, August 21, 2008!

Well we pretty much have things arraigned with The Red Cross for the blood drive. We also will be asking for food donations to give to the local food pantry.
We will also have t-shirts and the INTERFANthology though not published by the time of the show will have an ashcan represented. This in conjunction with the INTER-FAN Fandom Hall of Fame presentation to the Alan Hanley family for his great work for Fandom back in the 60's and 70's. Russ Maheras and Doug Rice will be there. we will also have a display of his art and books. trying to get a hold of Jim Engel but no one seems to have his e-mail address.
We are also planning on having a silent auction of which the funds will go to a worthy cause. If you know any pros who would like to contribute art or scripts or anything please let me know.
Talked to OT at The Zone and they will have magic at the shop and Yu-Gi-Oh at The Jam from 12-6.though this is still in discussion. Will also have HeroClix.
OT will be doing Blood Pressures at the Star Trek Table with USS Chicago NCC 75011. He is the Medical Officer for the chapter.
OT also received a flyer from Brad Meltzer author of Identity Crisis and JLA about him doing a signing on Sept 8th in Chicago. we want to contact him to ask if he would want to come to the JAM. can't make any promises.
The Zone will doing a Comic Code Taping at the Event, and I believe Rod from Kiss-Me-Comix will be taping as well, though I could be wrong.
So far this is who we have so far though may have some last minute add-ons.
Admission prices are $5.00 and two cans of food (optional) or $10.00 for two day pass. Kids under 5-free.
Hours are 10am-6pm Saturday and Sunday.


LaMorris Richmond (B.L.A.M. Comics)
Cartoon Da Pharo (Rifrax)
Michael Marcus (aka Jacques Treatment) and George McVey, (Hamtramck Idea Men)
Steven Piscione (Chaosfield)
Bill Wilkison (Inklings)
Lance Stahlburg (Rouge Wolf Ent./Haven Distrib)
Rod and Barb Jenkins (Kiss Me Comix)
Donna Upshaw (Steeltown Funnies)
Wade Busby (Mr. E)
Liz Ortiz (Rasgals/IF)
Shawnti Therrien (Am I Immortal/Free Lunch Comics/Vice-President of Comicbook Artist's Guild)
Jim Main (Main Enterprises)
Wally Lowe (Wal2)
Nino (209 Ave Comics)
Moe Nasser (Indie Artist)
Tony Maldonaldo (TheLonelyRiceChronicles.BlogSpot/Hyperthetical)
Juan Arevalo (Shojin Studios)
Johnny Gomez (Shojin Studios)
Dave Losso (Percy The Nazi Whale/Doodle & Boogs)
Aaron Pittman (Percy The Nazi Whale/Alex Ghost)

Guests of Honor

Alex Nino (70's Dc artist and cover painter)
Doug Klauba (Moonstone artist and cover painter)
Terry Pavlet (INTERFANthology/The Comic Eye)

Latest update news, July 4, 2008!

I have confirmed with The Homewood Hotel that you can go and rent your rooms for The IF Jam, just mention the Jam so they can keep track of the rooms (we blocked 20 of them) $85.00 per night.

Went to WizardWorld and passed out a ton of Jam flyers. Also met Terry Pavlet who has been a big help to IF. Will have phgotos up as well.

The Anthology is getting ever closer to completion,

Latest update news, June 24, 2008!

We are going to try and use The Forum again as we now have a chat thread that was born due to some of us being booted from The SPA Chatroom due to system issues. We went to AIM and had a mini chat this last Sunday and have posted it on The Forum.

It's that time again!!! This is also WizardWorld-Chicago week, this Friday through Sunday! So come out and see our members at Artist Alley. Here is the link!.

Tables are still being reserved for The Jam and hope to get more participants at WW-Chicago

Latest update news, June 3, 2008!

Spring has sprung and things are running along pretty smoothly. The Anthology is still waiting for the cover and some art from California. Finished article on Alan Hanley and will be making a plaque to give to Hanley family at Jam as the first official IF Fandom Hall of Fame recipient, this will hopefully be an annual event.

Speaking of The Jam, need to sell more tables and wrote to Red Cross for their participation. Liz Ortis did an awesome hjob updating the Jam flyer and Jam business cards. Thanks Lizaree!!!!

Latest update news, May 1, 2008!

With the Small Press Idol still happening, Lady DOC and I have been watching American Idol and we liked Brooke White, unfortunately she was voted off last night, BUT now her record company has released her new CD so hoping everyone can support her although not comic related she is still an indie artist with an Indie Record label. And INDIE is INDIE!!!

The Jam is still getting worked on, hope to be able to go to the local businesses to get some support through ads. I haven't heard from many folks from my last e-mail, but do have some out state creators coming. I really need you local Chicagoland folks to help support The Jam.

Latest update news, April 25, 2008!

With the Small Press Idol on the SPA site going full force, one of our supporters need your help and vote. Please go to

If you are not a member you will have to register to vote. You can only vote once a day and must post "yes" on the thread.

Please visit the IF Jam section for updates on the 2008 Jam in Homewood.

Latest update news, April 12, 2008!

Almost forgot next weekend is the New York Comic Con, where Sean and Shawnti Therrie, Shawnti will be debuting SPA's Mysterious Visions Anthology #7 which contains her story "Am I Immortal" please click the logo for more info.

Also Liz Ortiz (who has a great story in the IF Anthology) and other members of the New York branch of CAG (Comicbook Artist Guild). Take photos Liz!!!!!

Latest update news, April 11, 2008!

Posted photos of the Homewood Hotel The Jam and the area where we will be holding, including inside the room plus the outside of the hotel and some of the downtown area.
Please go to the IF Jam Section for more updates.

Latest update news, April 9, 2008!

Well, one hurdle down, went to the hotel secured the room, don't need to bring deposit till next week. Got a pretty good deal for two days. Unfortunately he wouldn't budge on the room rates of $105.00 for a single and $115.00 for a double. A little high but you do get to use the pool they have there which is pretty nice. However, there are at least 5 other hotels around the Homewood so I will contact them and see what I can find out.

The shop (The Zone) is about a 5 minute drive from the hotel and there are plenty of shops and restaurants around. We will have a pre-Jam signing at the shop Friday for those who come. I will now send out an e-mail to see who is interested, We have tables for those who bought them for the canceled March show and OT has two artists interested, one of them being Doug Rice of Dynamo Joe fame.

OT the manager gave me contact info from one of the Chicago radio stations and getting contact info on groups we can try to help in the area.
Well that is pretty much all for now more later.

Latest update news, April 3, 2008!

Yeah, we had some more updates and issues with the site, but all is alright now. Today I sent in the non-profit paperwork and check for the fee to the IRS, so I am hoping to get the tax ID in a week or so ans in the mean time I am preparing an application for a grant.

I am also getting things together for The IF Jam in August in cooperation with The Comic Zone in Homewood, Il. Met with OT the manager and Steve Piscione of Kaosfield Studios and who also does the producing of The Comic Code a weekly show The zone does every Wednesday. Wally was also there as was Lady DOC, we are planning to have The jam on the weekend of August 15, maybe even two days if things go right. I just heard from Alex Nino that he and others from California may make a trip out. Speaking of The Jam I just downloaded all the pics taken from the 2007 show, so please take a look.

The INTER-FANthology book is coming along, looks like perhaps a 50 page book, Tim Tobolski is working inking the cover as we speak and still waiting for some more art to come in, deadline May 1, 2008 or there abouts.

Oh, the site will be going over a radical change soon, as we go into the Blog Era and folks will be able to actually comment within the different sections we have. Now some sections like the various history ones will be combined into one. As The Forum itself never really took off we thought this might be better. Thanks Nick!

Want to also thank Stacy and Kathy (Treasurer and Secretary, respectively), for putting up with my texts and e-mails while we try to get this non-profit status done.

Latest update news, March 20, 2008!

Sorry been away so long the site was transferred to a new platform and could not access the Control Panel, but now I can.
SPACE was great and hope to have photos up soon. Now I am working on getting The Jam together and helping Jim Main with INTER-FANthology, more news soon.

Latest update news, February 20, 2008!

Found out about another great comic con in Wisconsin from Terry Pavlet. Thanks Terry!

Latest update news, February 18, 2008!

Here are two local cons in Ohio that are worth checking out.As you know we will be at SPACE helping out Grim Jim Main and main Enterprises as he will not be there but hope to see some IFer's show up!

Latest update news, February 2, 2008!

First off The IF Jam 2008 has been moved to sometime in August so we can retool it and see what other ideas we can come up with. We have decided not to have it in Portage as nice the town is it was just too confusing for people to find the jam location. We will keep you updated with more information.

Still waiting on our non-profit application so hopefully we start assisting people.

Good news, IF will be going to SPACE (Small Press And Comics Expo) in Columbus Oh. More details to be posted.

Latest update news, January 1, 2008!

Happy New Year! This seems to be the year of the Idol. There are actually two art contests running. as IF tries to be all inclusive, I have posted links to both, so you can decide which fits best with you.

First is Self Publisher Association (SPA) Small Press Idol 2008

Next is Estrada Media's in association with 209 Avenue Studios

Latest update news, December 3, 2007!

Good news folks! "llinois has approved your filing In Progress 12/3/2007. Congratulations - your non-profit corporation has been officially approved. We are now preparing your final paperwork, which will be delivered to you shortly". For all those nay sayers over the years, nyah. IF will now be in a better position to help others who need it and do the type of Jams that need to be done to give an alternative to those pop culture cons who masquerade as Comic Conventions. History in the making. More later!!

Latest update news, November 24, 2007!

Writer/Artist James Ritchey, III teams with premiere independent publisher AC Comics (Femforce) to bring a modern take on an old standard. The Green Lama debuted in December of 1940 as the brainchild of author Ken Cossen, with his emerald visage being drawn by the likes of legendary Mac Raboy etc, then gone onto star in his own radio serial , and eventually was resurrected by Bill Black�s AC Comics.

Green Lama Video by Danny Dononvan

I am now in the process to make IF an actual non-profit company. I will be putting the application in tomorrow and will know in a few days what to do next so that we can start some great projects and infuse The Jam with some much needed funds. More later!

Latest update news, November 17, 2007!
Congrats to Wally and Jessica Lowe as they added a new member to their family and IF's Simon Lowe.

We also now have a IF Jam Section now. I have 2007 info and photos and am working on 2008. So stay tuned!

Latest update news, November 14, 2007!

Sorry I haven't updated like I wanted too lots of personal stuff went on the last two months. But I will now hopefully be back on track. Tomorrow some kewl news.

Latest update news, September 7, 2007!

It's time for Jeff Watkins' Syracruse Heroes Expo the ONLY show that is worth going to in Upper New York. Good luck Jeff.

Latest update news, September 4, 2007!

We have now added Sam Catalino to our ever expanding line of article writers so I hope you enjoy what he has to say!

The 2008 IF JAM is in preparation, and is dedicated to the man below:

My father (Wilfred "Fred" Maurice Boucher) passed away the other day after a slight illness that seemed none of us saw coming. He was a great influence to me and my brothers (some good some bad) to me he was a great leader who always taught us the meaning of doing a job right.
He was a task master but for the right reasons. He used to have a look that when he was mad at you stared at you and you'd wish he would hit you instead of giving "the look".
He also taught us to help others when needed. He was a scout master for our Catholic based troop and would try to go to the darker side of town to recruit boys ho needed help. He also had the first black scout who became a good friend to me, which taught me color doesn't matter. When my dad retired from scouts his replacement was a Jewish scoutmaster which was quite unheard of but my dad liked pushing the envelope especially if it was for someone worthy. This is what I try to emulate with what I do with IF and when helping others at work.
He was also a bit of a rat pack and had a collection of 1000's of LPs (you youngsters would know them as long playing records), and '78 from the 30's and 40's. I spent the summer taping all those onto reel to reel tapes and was great listening, Jazz, blues, big bands. Still have the tapes but the recorder is broken so need to fix. He also had memorabilia from his war days, He had items he got while POW in Germany.
He also got me my first comic in 1966 as he used to take to The Corner Store for chocolate cokes. My dad though comics were fine as he used to read The Shadow pulps.
Over all he was a good man and I will miss him very much especially our summer talks at night when I was little. Not sure how to feel I am sad but I know he is in a good place, guess I will feel the affects soon.
Ciao Dad, you and Mom are now back altogether as a team. Enjoy heaven and hope to see you there soon.
Lance DOC Boucher

Latest update news, June 30, 2007!

The forums will not be accessable , sorry for any inconvenience.

Latest update news, March 14, 2007!

The Jam was the hit of the land A HUGE Success! More updates and photos to come. Now onto our next projects!!!

Now have the Jerry Bails Page up on the IF Fandom Hall of Fame Section!!

Latest update news, February 24, 2007!

Been a long time since we updated, but all is well here in the IF universe. The Jam is coming with in two weeks so please click the image down below for futher updates.

We also have Anthony's latest editorial up and it talks about The Jam and ComicCons in general.

Latest update news, December 13, 2006!

We are now listed in Comicspace. Please join. Click the icon below.

Latest update news, December 12, 2006!

Paypal option is now up in the Services and Products Section for those who like to pay for tables to The Jam that way, we will be putting up a snail mail address soon. Tables are $25.00 four tables or more will be lower. Look for further updates.

Latest update news, December 5, 2006!

Some good news is The Jam is being formed...look out for details soon!

Latest update news, November 27, 2006!

Another great Fandom and Pro creator passed away this weekend. Dave Cockrum besides his stellar pro carreer with DC and Marvel, he was an outstanding Fanzine Artist. I will be setting him up a page soon in the IF Fandom Hall of Fame. Please check the Forum for updates.

Latest update news, November 25, 2006!

It is with sad note that I report of Comic Fandom Founder Jerry Bails who passed away November 22, 2006, Please see updates on the IF Forum.

Latest update news, October 20, 2006!

Did update the Convention Pics Section with last weekend's Chicago Mini Con, great times. Please check them out. Hope to have more links up soon..

Latest update news, October 16, 2006!

Just updated the Robert Kline page on the Whatever Happened To... Section. Due to illness I will not be updating for a bit though I have some pics from this weekend's Chicago Mini Comic Convention at Dark Tower Comics and some new Hanley art samples.

Latest update news, October 9, 2006!

Found out from Wally who found out the the Gutterzombies Forum that theer will be a mini con in Chicago at Dark Tower Comics. Though we were not booked as guests at this time, Nino and I plan to be there. Please click the link for more info

Also a great new site for the Small Press fancier, like me. Check out the link below.

Latest update news, October 6, 2006!

Sam Gaford from Truefan Publications has a great zine called Small Press Extra, with articles, reviews and a great interview with Small Press legend Larry Blake. Please go to the link below and support this worthwhile endeavor.

Was at Steve Stanley's artforum and found out about this great con. Hope some of you can go. Click the link!

Latest update news, September 9, 2006!

I have just found out that three of our IF members (Estrada Media, Kaosfield Studios and Blnd Bat Press) are now listed on Indy Check them out!

Also we have addedd Ultimate Comics Group as a member of our Forum amd group and will have more info on them later. Welcome UCG. They do have a site on myspace!

Latest update news, September 5, 2006!

We have now added the Jim Van Hise articles "The Williamson Collector" and "Days of Valor", please keep checking back as we update this section.

Check out Portland Oregon's top notch Small Press/Indie Comic Convention at the Oregon Convention Center, "Stumptown". Check the link below and if ya go say "hey" to Wade Busby.

Latest update news, August 27, 2006!

One of the main and original reasons IF is here is to help creators find publishers who need their skills, in that endeavor I am trying to help an artist named Scott Mcclung who is looking for work as he is between assignments. Please go to the link below and hopefully you will find his work as something that may fit a project of yours. If you need to contact him you may do so through his site or ours.

Latest update news, August 24, 2006!

New September Editorial By Anthony is in. More updates to come!!

Latest update news, August 13, 2006!

WW-Chicago pics are posted and just addred some great rememberences from Ron Kasman who I met at WW-C via Mark Innes, hope to get more soon.

Latest update news, August 10, 2006!

Just updated the History Section with more Fanzine cover scans, including all of Fred Hembeck's books. I also received correspondence from Authur Moore a former member who got our link from Jim McPherson who was pretty much at the birth of IF and was good friends with Steve Clement. I just posted on the INTER-FAN History Section what Jim had to say so I hope you all read it. Have photos from WW-Chicago and are now posted in the Convention Photo Section.

Might have found the first published piece of art of an IF related artist, so please check IF Happenings in the IF Forum

Latest update news, August 6, 2006!

Well WW-Chicago is over and was a pretty good show. Got a table at the last minute and we did OK. Met Mark Innes and others (more later).

In November we have the St.Charles show at the DuPage County Center. More details as they arrive.

Made lots of contacts and saw old friends as well so look for updates.

Latest update news, July 30, 2006!

Been scanning my collection of old skool Fanzines so to keep better track. Please go to the Fanzine History Section for a look see.

This is also WizardWorld-Chicago week, this Friday through Sunday! So come out and see our members at Artist Alley. Here is the link!.

Latest update news, July 24, 2006!

Looks like the Forum is gone..BUT I still had the link to the original Forum so let's see if we can keep this alive. If you are a member here after 2004 you will have to register! Any difficuties e-mail me.

Latest update news, July 23, 2006!

Well was informed by Wade and confirmed the Forum was hacked! Am trying to see if Provider can fix without losing everything. We may have to use the old Forum or not have one at all. Will keep you updated !

Latest update news, July 10, 2006!

Well it's almost that time of year again for WizardWorld -Chicago and so that we can all keep track I have installed a counter..Unfortunately due to family medical matters the INTER-FANology will probably not be out till early next year. I hope to get a Pro badge for Lady DOC and myself as we will not have tables there this year but hope to see all my friends!

Here is the link to WizardWorld-Chicago

*Lastly our site of the month is Fred Hembeck's Art site. Fred is a great cartoonist who always has his hand on the pulse of Comics so enjoy!!

Another old friend of IF Jeff Davis who I worked with at Child Development Resources in California back in the 80's has contacted me and will be sending some art he has been doing lately. Amazing what a small world the Internet makes..

Latest update news, May 11, 2006!

Nino sent me this an ad for his up coming art show, it's in Spanish but I think you'll get the drift! Click for larger view.

Latest update news, May 1, 2006!

I need to apologize for my lack of updating as of late but family and medical issues were first prioity and I hope things will be settleing down doon. No grandson yet as of this writing but soon. I am also going to start keepng the past updates up so new members can see what we have doe in the pats, so just scroll on down!
The Interfanthology is coming slowly and still hope for a June 2006 release, Joe Zierman sent in the first Chapter of Lunatic Lefgion and hope to have others do other chapters. Thanks Joe! and his inker Dave Zahn for a great job!
On another front Aaron Brigman is helping me create a IF Fandom Hall of Fame plaque for our inductees families and sfriends so hope to have one in timne for Wizard SWorld 2006.
We would like to welcome Danny Dononvan to our stable of Forums. He represenst Radio-Free Comicks and Mad Science Studios. Also want to welcome Turtel Onli of the Southside Community Art Center and the Black Age of Comics Convention held last February, there are pictures in our Convention Section, I am just sorry I could not make that..

Also please welcome Ed Savage to our Galleries and will be hoping to do some projects with this great talent!

*No new Editorial from Anthony but still have up the December/January Editorial, in which Anthony talks about the happening in IF and Inter-Fanthology.


*We do have though a new article from Gene Phillips. Please read!.


Nino and Ralph of MR Comics and 209 Ave Studios and Jake Estrada from Estrada Media will be in NY SUNDAY MAY 7th 2006 from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. 1 DAY ONLY!! This is at the NEW YORK CITY COMIC BOOK SPECTACULAR 2!!!!! If you are in the area go see them and say IF sent you. Here is the link below:

This month's Site of the Month is the most unique blog I have ever run across by Robby Reed. Let us know and him what you think!.

As Infinite Crisis is on its last month I though I would keep this site up!