The following are photos taken at The McHenry Library Comic Con October 20, 2004, which I and my wife Krista, (who as always was a great support to me and this was our 3rd year dating anniversary), had a great time and want to thank John Galdun who promoted and arraigned the show and Jane Halsall, manager of young people's services. I would like to also thank W.C. Carani for letting me use the cover of his sketchbook for the logo of this event

1) A general view of the con from the dealers table I was at, 2) This is the same general area and there were at least one hundred fans or so who came thru this event which was held from 7:30 to 8:30 and look SPIDEY, whew that's a lot of folks, 3) here's me at my table and next to me standing is Phil Moy, 4) This is Jeff Moy and W.C. Carani who is signing for a fan, 5) Here Phil is shaking hand swith Bill Reinhold, whose head I inadvertently cut off, sorry Bill, 6) The brothers Moy, 7) The Masters of Ceremonies John Galdun, 8) A part of the library set aside for a showing of a collection of a local resident..Hey I had all those at one time!

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