Chicago Comic Book Marketplace Con October 2004

The following are photos taken at Chicago Comic Book Marketplace Con October 2004 in downtown Chicago!

The first 5 are : The convention's founder and organizer Raphe Cheli and myself, 2) Jim Terry from Wounded But Dangerous Productions and Eric Mengel of Blind Mice Comics, 3) Ken Ray of the iFo talking to LaMorris Richmond of Blam Comics, 4) Lady DOC,and DJ (Nick Hebert) of, 5) Myself with Art Baltazar of Electric Milk Comics who gave me a copy of "A Jimmy Dydo Adventure"

The next 5 are 1) Mike McClain of M-Studios talking to a fan as Ken Ray shows us his latest art, 2) Rod and Barb of Kiss-Me-Comix and family though I am sorry for the quality of this pic, 3)Rene Castellano of InstantPressComics looking at some of NINO's work, 4)Rene and Nino (Unbelievable Laundry Detergent Man) show their comradery, 5) Another shot at the iFo (Inter-Fan Productions) table, 6)NINO doing some art for a fan.