The "NO' Show appearances of NINO in Chicagoland Events!

The following are photos taken at various Nino appreances in the past few months, some are from conventions already listed in this section but are from NINO himself!

1-5 were taken at Rafe's Chicago Comic Book Marketplace Con) 1) Nino at his ULDM table, 2) Nino and lil' No waiting for more fans, 3) Maria Teresa, NINO and lil'NINO, the Mesarina Family 4) Maria Teresa (Mrs. NO) and Rene Castillano of Instant Press Comic's publisher of ULDM, 5) Here's Rene making his rounds at CCBMC.

The next three were taken at Metzli Art Gallery 1) Group of fans bought some art work, 2) This young fan bought book AND T-shirt, 3) Same young fan and his sister who also bought a book.

These two were taken at Bridgeport Coffeehouse Booksigning 1) Left to right Nino,sister Patty, Mother Patricai and Toya, 2) Nino with a young fan who bought ALL the books and T-shirt.

Various pictures 1) Front of Alternative Reality where Nino had a recent booksigning, 2) NINO"S right-hand man Allen saying he bought ten copies of each issue, 3 &4) Tender moment with Nino and lil' No...HEY! those aren't ULDM issues!

The "NO' Show appearance from the Grand National Comic Book and Toy Show in St. Charles Il. March 5-6 2005

These next sets are from the Grand National Comic Book and Toy Show in St. Charles Il. March 5-6 2005. 1) Nino's Table (First appearance of U.L.D.M. mask!), 2) Nino and his pop "Nano" yes, Nano, 3) Nino, ULDM and his pop Nano, 4) Nino's pop Nano and Art Baltimore,(I'm only typying what Nino wrote), 5)DOC and Nano, 6) Joe Zierman and DOC, 7) Joe and Nino, 8) ULDM mask and Allen Chan and DOC

These next sets are: 1) Nino & big blowup cover for Amazing Stories, 2) Nino and Erin Gray (of Buck Rogers and Silver Spoons Fame) holding ULDM comic Book, 3) ULDM mask and Connie Persampieri (, 4) Connie, ULDM mask and Nino

These next sets are: 1-4) Nino & KIDS!!!!!!

These next sets are: 1) Art Baltazar, ULDM in background and Nino (Art says BUY ULDM BOOK NOW!), 2) ULDM creator Nino and Patrick creator Art B. (We went to high school together), 3) Allen (SUPERFAN) Chan!

These last sets are: 1-2) The Show Saturday Morning! 3) Connie P, ULDM mask and Nino!