MotorCity Chicago Comic Fest 2005

The following are photos taken by Nick and myself at the March Comic Fest. Though we did not have a table we did want to support Rene and others who were there.

1) Dave Gruba of GrubbMaster Studios and IPC and a print of White Knife by Stan Tanaka, 2) Dave, Nick (DJ) Hebert and Rene of IPC (Nick will hopefully be doing projects for IPC), 3) Barry Halperin of Quinyessential Comics and some finre exapmles of Golden Age DC's, 4) Pam Bliss of Paradise Valley Comics and myself, 5) B. Wilkison of The Amazing Walter, 6) Douglas Klauba talking to a customer, 7) Myself and Steven K (former owner of Atlas Comics Shop in Chicago, 8) Artist Andrew Pepoy and Myself