Nino's "Get Back to your Corner!!

Whenever I speak with another old school Pro Wrestling fan , and the A.W.A. comes up in the conversation, only 2 things come immediatelty to my mind . Bob Luce , and the parking lot of Ben's auto. Yes, these are the first two things that pop into my wrestling memories of the A.W.A. NOT the wrestlers, or their champions . Not even the Chicago Amphitheater where many a classic matches where held in the smoke filled arena. Let me explain. You see, I grew up in the East Everglades in Homestead Florida . And in Florida , the Wrestling circuit was the N.W.A. the A.W.A. was to the North so, when my family moved back to Chicago, we could not get N.W.A. wrestling on our t.v. only A.W.A. which was promoted by one Bob Luce.A short, stocky man who wore ugly plaid blazers and would commentate the matches. He also filled in as the announcer .AND he would do the commercials!

He was a one man show! We had no choice but to watch the local Wrestling Alliance but it was Bob Luce who I tuned in for really. I wasn't too crazy about Dick the Bruiser or the Crusher. Bob luce was soo crazy silly, that he was unbelievable !The man was bombastic! He would interview let's say... the Road Warriors. And it was obviously in a cardboard set of a mock lockeroom , with phony lockers ,and a hang on the wall prop Payphone complete with phony phone numbers scribbled on the fake wall!. It was insane!

So if the Road Warriors enemies were interviewed and they began to talk trash about the Warriors, Bob Luce would cut them off and defend them as if they where his family. He would say stuff like "Now wait a minute, WAIT A MINUTE!!! I know the Road Warriors and you can't talk about em that way!!",then he would brilliantly insert the date of the next match by saying something like, " COME SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE CHICAGO AMPHITHEATER AT 8:OO P.M. ,THE ROAD WARRIORS ARE GONNA TEACH YOU TWO BUMS SOME RESPECT!" Or something to that effect. The heels would protest and threaten him , but ol Bob luce was a character he would reply to their threats! I mean he would get real loud and say like .." OH YEAH? I'D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY! YOU GUYS ARE BUMS!" and as they would get louder with their threats, and begin to destroy the fake locker room (like some King Kong movie)

Bob Luce would be furious and say .." CUT THE TAPE ! THIS INTERVIEW IS OVER!! LET'S GO TO A COMMERCIAL!!!" There would be a two or three second delay then an image would pop onto the screen . There was Bob Luce all smiles and holding a mike, some guy in a wrestlers mask with a big 'c' on the forehead, and a cape , and a cardboard backdrop of a used car lot . And a Faint Soundtrack of the Theme of the Superman movie . And the commercial would go like this,,, "Bob Luce Here, in the parking lot of Ben's auto sales, I'm standing here with credit man." ( obviously another of Bob's Genius) He would go on ,,"Credit man , what are you doing??" you see , the credit man character had his hands on his hips and was trying to bend all the way back . Credit man would then reply ,,," I'm bending over backwards to save you money"! Then Bob would give a chuckle and tell everyone to come on down and buy one of these fine automobiles ! Which of course looked like junk! And he would sign of his little commercial by saying , let's take it back to the match with that handsome devil! There would be another 2-3- second delay and the image of the Chicago amphitheater came up with a match already in progress. And guess who was commentating? Bob Luce .

Man , those where the days . I would laugh my head off, and it was always a good start to my weekend . I especially liked when his interviews would go wrong and both he and the wrestlers would start cracking up . They didn't even stop recording . It was hilarious to see Bob Laughing so hard that tears would be dropping from his eyes and he would try to continue , all the time laughing . He would be laughing and he would say like " Ha-ha-ha- Come Friday Night, HA-HA-HA- The crusher is gonna rip you apart!! HA-HA-HA. " So whenever someone mentions the A.W.A. wrestling to me , these memories come to my mind . That's how I remember about the now defunct A.W.A. all thanks to Bob Luce, and the parking lot of Ben's auto sale . I wish I could find some of those interviews on tape. This has been Nino saying "GET BACK TO YOUR CORNER"!!

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