Nino's "Get Back to your Corner!!

I can remember when pro wrestling announcers where tough, cool, gutsy characters. Back when I was in Florida, the hometown wrestling federation was The N.W.A., and I'm not talking about the rap group.

Well , My favorite announcer was hands down Gordon Solie. My family would watch channel 6 every weekend and catch all the matches. I can remember one time when Gordon Solie infiltrated or rather had some camera man infiltrate the secret headquarters , (trainig camp) of one "Sir Oliver Humperdink". Humperdink had his cronies working out and it was all getting caught on tape. I think he was instructing his wrestlers how to cheat or something. Anyways, Humperdink saw the hidden camera and ordered his goons to get that guy. This was all shown as an exclusive by one Gordon Solie.

. My brother and I were all shocked and with our mouths wide open where like, OOOH COOL! Just then Humperdink and his goons popped out from behind the curtains and Attacked Poor 90 pound weakling Solie as punishment, revenge, whatever for airing this tape! Humperdinks goons where really letting him have it when he was rescued by DUSTY Rhodes! And I think this was how Dusty's feud with The Masked Assasins began.

I mean the way it was all played out was sooo real looking! They smashed his announcers desk , beat him with the chair, tried to choke him with the microphone cord.

Actually when this happenned, we were all laughing at poor Gordon Solies bad luck . I remember that Monday morning at school, all my friend, instead of being like in Solies defense, were all laughing at how stupid Solie was to send in a hidden camera. We all tried to imitate Solies face and gestures as he was being attacked. That is one moment that I will never forget about the N.W.A. Later I will relive other N.W.A. classic wrestling moments with you . I have numerous memories that you can't find on video or D.V.D. This has been Nino saying, get back to your corner!

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