Nino's "Get Back to your Corner!!

The Assassins , Baron Von Rashke , Ox Baker , Abdullah the Butcher! These where classic names of wrestlers who could care less about booing fans. Their Job, plain and simple. Destroy, maim , and win the match. And do it illeagally .How? By cheating of course

They really had people wanting to LITERALLY kill them! That's how good they where at their craft, considering that pro wrestling is of course entertainment .

On the flip side of the coin you had heroes like , Bruno Sammartino , Mil Mascaras ,Andre the Giant, Dick the Bruiser,The Crusher! Wrestlers who commanded respect. And they got it, from not only the fans, but from their opponents who were their sworn enemies! And pattented moves? Man, the moves had cool names too! Like , the spinning toe hold, the flying press, small package hold, fireman's carry, the camel clutch, and who could forget, the IRON CLAW?

Man , when the Baron fixed that baby on your forehead, your skullbone was toast . TOAST!! What about their gimmicks? Oh boy, you had Mil Mascaras (the man of a thousand masks) . He would get his mask ripped off, and another one was underneath!You had matches like "HAIR VS. HAIR" the loser had his head shaved by the winner . Texas strap match! Two Wrestlers had a leather strap tied to their wrists and when the bell rung, The wrestlers got to whipping!! And NO discualification ! That was the best! How about the old school 20 man battle royal! The ring would be filled with 20 wrestling superstars and when the bell rung, all loyalty went out the window! And everbody tried to get andre the giant over the top rope first! EVEN HIS FRIENDS! And sometimes they had a 10thousand dollar check at the top of a greased pole. And the wrestlers beat the crap out of each other trying to fetch it! Nowadays , wrestlers make that much for a commercial endorsement , maybe more . Man. These are just a few of the things I miss about pro wrestling . If I only had a time Machine . . So until next time, this is Jose R. Mesrina ( Nino) saying, "GET BACK TO YOUR CORNER".

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