Back to your Corner Issue 1 Nino's "Get Back to your Corner!!

Are you a pro wrestling fan? A REAL pro wrestling fan? A fan like myself who remembers attending matches in Smoke filled clubs , or high school gyms? Maybe a convention center,or a rodeo ground? Do you remember when the wrestlers where just that? Wrestlers? No, toy's, t-shirts, movie deals , or any other merchandise?

Well, I remember being a kid and growing up watching REAL Wrestling ! I saw legends in their primes! And there lots of different Organizations . Like, the N.W.A. ( National Wrestling Association) , A.W.A. (American Wrestling Association) and the W.W.W.F. ( The World Wide Wrestling Federation . Now the World Wrestling Entertainment). Is this what wrestling has come to? Entertainment? There was a time when wrestlers looked like Big, Burly, Longshoremen. Short socks, trunks , and Wrestling booties . I mean, Not even knee pads ! Strongmen like Bruno Samartino . The W.W.W.F'S greatest Champion. Before Hulk Hogan came to town .Later the man who changed the Face of Wrestling , Superstar Billy Graham . Not the Preacher, the wrestler. And over at the N.W.A., Such champions like the Brisco Brothers, Jack , and Jerry . And the Funk Brothers , Dory, and Terry . Then Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes . All at one time or another ( Harley Race several times over) N.W.A. Champions . And you had greats like Verne Gagne, and Nick Bockwinkle , A.W.A. Champions and Bitter enemies. .

where wrestlers who wrestled for peanuts! And broke EVERY bone in their bodies to put on a great match for the fans . Such names as Dick Murdock, Mil Mascaras , Pedro Morales , Tony Atlas , ANDRE The GIANT. Great villains of the squared circle such as Superstar Billy Graham, Ox Baker,Ivan Koloff , Baron Von Rashke, Nick Bockwinkle , Moose Cholok , The Assasins. Nowadays, it's blatently thrown in your face that it's fake. Bake then, you knew it was fake but, you didn't want to admit it. Today you can see "SO CALLED ENEMIES" mugging for the cameras and showing up on television shows together. What's up with that? .

I can remember when wrestlers took their matches out into the parking lot and the fans would all run outside! It was that real!! Now , just the cameraman and the wrestlers are allowed outside . Boo-Hoo . Well , I will be bringing you more memories and stories, and pics in the very near future . I may be a huge old school fan but, my Brother is an old school fanatic! He's the real wrestling fan . But he's unavailable . So I will be bringing you such stories and names from the past . Announcers , Wrestlers , pics, Magazine covers. Wrestling hall of famers with yours truly . So until next time, this is Jose R. Mesrina ( Nino) saying, "GET BACK TO YOUR CORNER" .

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