One prolific artist in the late sixties and early seveties was Robert Kline. He also worked at Filmation Studios and was involved with the Star Trek series. I will have more illoes later.He did magnificent covers for such publications as Fantastic Fanzine and The Collector. If anyone has information on what Mr. Kline is doing now, please contact me through the e-mail address listed elsewhere on this site.


Fanzine Covers

Filmation Star Trek Series

Recently I recieved an e-mail from David Armstrong of G7 Animation (Gang of Seven)who had seen my posting at one of the Yahoo Groups I visit. Mr Armstrong also copy Bob and gave me his e-mail so I wrote to Bob on what IF was doing and he replied with a great appreciation and two NEW pieces of art and with his OK I am posting the letter below and two illos.

Hi Doc.
Took a quick look at your website this morning. Very cool. It's great that you have a continued interest in those bygone years of fan enthusiasm. I really enjoyed myself back then. It was great fun trying things and getting them published while learning how to draw and paint. I've included a couple of more recent efforts with this email. I continue to do genre work to entertain myself while I slave away in the animation factories.
I left fandom to raise a family, and animation seemed the best means to that end back in 1973. I have quite a number of pieces that are of a science fiction or fantasy nature that I've done over the years but as yet I haven't pursued the publication or sale of them on any scale. I've also done quite a bit of "gallery style" work, watercolor landscapes and the like, over the years.
Feel free to refer to my connection with G7.
Speaking of which "Cinderella 3," my latest art direction effort, will be in stores in February. Its actually a good film. Surprise,surprise. Have you seen "Mickey, Donald and Goofy; The Three Musketeers?" Also much better than the usual. Please say "Hi" to Tim Gula for me. I haven't heard his name in ages.
Thanks for your interest.

New Art