Our first entry in the IF Fandom Hall of Fame is Landon Chesney.
Below is a testimonial by Landon's nephew Jason Gillespie

Landon Remembered

When I think of my Uncle Landon, I see him sitting at my grandmother’s kitchen table, in one hand a cup of black coffee or perhaps a half smoked cigarette, in the other the ever-present pencil. Whether he was sketching, brainstorming a story concept, or simplifying the theory of relativity for my young mind to digest, I would invariably hang on his every word and action. To say I idolized my uncle when I was young would be a gross understatement. He drew comics, had an extensive collection of old comics, knew all about the history and origins of comics, and spent hour after hour sharing all of these with me. What else could a young boy want? The correct answer is “not much.” But comics were only one interest among many for Landon. As time progressed we came to talk of many subjects. Politics, science, history, movies, popular culture, anything that might be good conversation filled up summer days and made for memories that I still treasure. His seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of numerous subjects gave me an informal education that extended far beyond the heroes and funny animals of my youth and has proven of more worth than all my years of college. There is little wonder that my chosen profession is art and even less that I have an intense love for all things comic related.

I will leave it to others more qualified than I to analyze Landon’s contributions to Fandom or the nuances of storytelling, humor and drama that inhabited his work. In most instances, the work Landon did speaks more eloquently for itself than anyone could. From the subjective vantage point of an admiring nephew, I would, however, like to venture my opinion as to why Landon’s stories and strips are still very appealing. It is, I think, because he was first and foremost a storyteller. The medium through which he communicated was unimportant. Whether through his art, the written word, or just his spoken thoughts and comments, Landon could and did make anything interesting. To him the story was the “thing” and if that wasn’t right nothing else mattered. It came out in his work and it was certainly evident in his life.

Below is a I have made catagories of Landon's work. I also hope to have more rememberences from others in the Fandom field in the near future

The Cloak

One Summer Nights Story

Master and Misbourne

Western Theme

Anatomy Sketchs

Miscellanious Art

We plan to have descriptions and background info on most of the art above. Please go to the Forum or e-mail IF direct with any questions! I would like to thank Jason and his family for sharing these great pieces of Landon's art with us.