Been getting some e-mails from Carl Taylor an old time IF and person who I had met once at a 70's Comic Convention in Hollywood thru my friend Tim Gula. Carl will be sending me more rememberences but here is what he sent so far.

Oh! In the Black Panther reprint TP that's out now, the character "Khanata" is me. Jack made me one of the characters in the book I called him back when he was drawing it still and asked him about it and he responded by calling me by the character's name and I responded by saying "ALLLRIGHT!!!!!!!!!..
I've got a bunch more Jack came up with the name the "Comics Urinal" while we were joking on the phone and I shot back right away with "Yeah where everyone goes when they're pissed off". I came in to work for just a few minutes to fix something I forgot to do yesterday.
I have some Color pictures I did, which when I learn how to use my digital camera, I'm going to take pictures of and E-mail them to you and maybe you can remove some art from the site and replace them with some of these. I use to take these to the San Diego cons from '72 to '77.One picture I did for Jack at his suggestion that we'd trade. He said he'd draw whatever I asked, so I had him do the Silver Surfer and Thor. Eventually he suggested I could visit his house and when I did he gave me my drawing back. He was always encouraging me.
Back in 1975 when I was in the promotion advertisements for the movie Cooley high. In the year 2000 I ran into Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs in a Tower records outlet going out of business sale.
I told him I was in the newspaper ads and in the posters and stills front of the theaters and he told me he had a copy of the poster with me in it.
Yes, Larry along with will Meuniot of the "DNA" Agents produced the first X-men cartoon show pilot and had to fight New World to get it as right as it came out.I introduced Larry to Will years earlier,Will had been trying to get me in to the animation industry back in 1975.
He came down to L.A. from Barstow and got a job storyboarding at Filmation working on the Long Ranger cartoon show.Will and I met after admiring each other work in Legrazie's Zines!
I couldn't get the hang of doing storyboards but I thought that Larry could and plus I had just started my what I thought was more secure civil service job and didn't want to quit.
Larry was repairing computers and had 6 months rent saved up, so I thought if he got laid off from doing animation it would easy for him to get hired again, but me I had to take exam, and would have to go though the whole process again.
I got tons more, Like how I was suppose to be in the 2nd issue of Mike Friedrich's Starreach, It was a western story, and Dave Stevens was to ink it. I have a copy of a illoe he inked that I drew of the character. I have three pages of the pencils of the story still. Tons of stories!

The following chat started after I posted on the San Diego Comic Fest page on FaceBook an illo of Shel Dorl, Founder of the San Diego Comic Con. Greg Koudoulian contacted me through FaceBook about how he liked the illo so we started talking.

Greg: With your permission would like to add it to the Shel Archives and Golden State Comic Con Art Show! All that I do is just like a Comic Con. You're fantastic.

Me: Please do! Wish I could be at SDCF. Thanks. I went to SDCC in 74 (i think) wish I had met Shel.

Greg: You have in many ways!

Me: Thanks again. I have some old photos of that time I think I sent them.

Greg: No have not received them.

Me: I went to most of the 70's and early 80's shows wish I had taken photos then.

Greg: I did.

Me: Will resend if you have an e-mail to send to. glad you did. They may look funky as they didn't scan well. thanks.

Greg: I can re scan and clean up. Send back to you originals and hi res tiff on CD ! Have several Professional transparency scanners now.

Me: Works for me. I have a photo of a Schuster superman original a attendee won, he was a fireman I think. It was pre-Action Comics appearance.

Greg: Nice!

Me: So will send art and photos by end of week. Thanks again. Wish that pot I took in the 70's didn't screw up my memory so much. o0

Greg: Me too. I could've took much more pictures and film and video. God bless you and your family and of course your talented art.

Me: Thanks, Hey did you ever go to Collectos or Cherookee's Bookstaores in hollyword back in the day?

Greg: Yes.

Me: Me too I bought a lot of "2nd" banana comics from Len and Bert respectivly.

Greg: Expensive stores, Bert still alive and in Michigan, Never at cons.

Me: Really I sure would like to get in touch with him. did you by chance evr know someone named Tim Gula?

Greg: Not sure.

Me: We used to go to the Women Clubs Sunday Cons.

Greg: That's my con 73-74

Me: Here's my web site btw. Really I thought a guy named Schwartz ran it, see memory is bad.

Greg: I stopped in 74.

Greg: Nice website!!! Send a pic of a flyer I still have.

Me: LOL great to talk to you Greg you know LarryTaylor?

Greg: Mark Evanier designed them.

Me: I'd like you to write your experiences with Comic fandom in So. Cali and would like to add to my website.

Greg: Really, Books and documentary on its way. Broke from doing it am slow.

Me: Wow, well you (unknowingly),really got my juices going to get more involved with comics and art.

Greg: Good pics ok to post some?

Commenting on a photo of 40's Superman Kirk Alyn looking across to Star Trek's Yeoman Janice Rand aka Grace Lee Whitney.

Greg: Just Kirk pic Checking out the blonde that's golden, Your website I love it. Have over 7000 negatives from Shel

Me: Gottta have a history place so younger fans know what went before.

Greg: Great! The younger ones care a lot. Ok to post Kirk pic and link to your site?

Me: Sure, I've been told that. I also started a Hall of Fame and did give out two awards check the site I'd like to do more but no funding and couldn't get a 503-c status. May try again later.

Commenting on a photo of Richard Alf, and othe pics we were sending each other.

Me: Saw that, I used to buy comics from Richard.

Greg: so kewl!

Me: As George would say "oh my"! That pic of Shel is what I used for my illo.

Greg: Wow!!

Greg: You're good

Me: I'd like to think so.

Greg: all for now. Search my page you'll find the article mark wrote about my monthly conventions I couldn't find it. Later bro.

Me: Take care.

Greg: You too.

Chat Conversation End

Here are some various Comic Convention poster/flyers from the 70's. Note the San Diego is a two sided one which I believe was from '71, notice the name Golden State which I believed they dropped the next year, the second SDCC is a two part flyer.

San Diego


Here is a pic an article of the Phoenix Con from an issue of RBCC #77! You will notice one of the pics is te late great Don Newton. Don't know if Arizona is considered West Coast or not.