This Section is dedicated to Fandom through out the North America region and may add other continent/courties as we expand. Thanks too all the contributors and especially Jerry Bails who said the following :

"This sounds like a nice way to stimulate regional interest and perhaps promote regional efforts -- cons, apas, etc. Perhaps you can open it to other areas if an active group exists. For myself, I'd hope it encourages amateur (i.e., non-commercial) fanac. Fandom lost something when it got so commercial. Keep it fun!"

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**Fandom History through Convention pictures and stories!!**

One of the things we at INTER-FAN want to do on this site is try to educate creators and readers alike to the history of Comic Fandom and all it curtails. One of these is to show what Fandom was like in the past thru pictures and recollections.

The following pictures are just some of what FANDOM has to offer. From my friend at SPA, samcclung65 (Scott McClung). Enjoy!

"Most of them were guys I was in the UFO with, not Matt Feazell, but Greg Hyland was for awhile. Steve Remen works with Greg. Andrew Ford wrote Rib. Mark Innes published Wavemakers. Troy did Holey Crullers ( which Top Cow is going to publish with a new name, Common Ground, and new art.)"

Here is a list of who's who: 1) Andrew Ford, 2) Greg Hyland, 3) Larry Blake, 4) Mark Innes, 5) Matt Feazell,Sean Brieri and Pam Bliss, 6) Steve Remen, 7) TroHickman, 8) Troy Hickman and Kevin Carrier.

Yow, some more Con pics of the past!. From another friend at SPA, Allen Freeman. Below are descriptions of what on those pics! The first set are from Chicago Comic Con 1987

1) Chuck Bunker in purple shirt with rainbow suspenders telling Ted Bolman how to draw...2) Jim Pack with hand over mouth in blue and white baseball sleeve shirt. 3) Two Guys one with blue no sleeve shirt and buy with pink shirt. Left Mike Barreirro, and left Michael Cain. 4) Two Guys sitting on the bed looking to the right: T.M.Maple with hand over face in background, Steve Keeter with hand under chin, and Jim Main with beard. 5) Steve Keeter signing a copy of Captain Optimist...he did a pinup in the back of the book... Todd Ritter is standing behind him (you can only see his shoes.)

1) Hilary Barta on the right looking at someone in a maroon shirt, Chicago con about 1989. 2) Hilary Barta acting bored with American Splendor. 3) Hilary Barta with Dustin 4) Chuck Bunker on the left, Daryl and Joe Hutchinson on the right, outside Chicago Con 1988. 5) Embassy Hotel across from the Chicago Con 1988, famous for it's Angus Burgers. In Shades: Michael Cain, behind him, Jim Pack, someone I forgot, Jeff Wood, Todd Ritter, T.M.Maple, Chuck Haspel, Front left: Mike Barierro, Wade Busby looking at plate, Jim Main and Steve Keeter. I was setting at the other end of the table but took this photo so was not in this shot. 6) Many small pressers watching the video Matt Feazell made of the Chicago con 88. On left is Matt in the glasses and maroon shirt, center of the photo has Steve Keeter in mustache, above him is Jim Pack, Todd Ritter under the lamp, his friend in background, Chuck Haspel on the right with a Slam Bang t-shirt on. And others I can't remember... 7) Todd Ritter at a small comic show in KY late 80's. My portfolio is open in front of him.

The following picture I just received from Wade Busby, this was the current Small Press/Indie creators at the time, Wade also had this note attached "Here's one of the photos from ChiCon '87; #13 is Paul Curtis, #23 might be Sam Henderson", Thanks Wade hope to see more!

The following pictures are from possibly various Chicago Comic Cons of the 1970's!

Though I wasn't there, the photo sets below were from HoustonCon '71. I put these in because the two fans (Roy Bonario and Glen Kessler) in this first pic were great friends that I met thru Capital though I used to go to Roy's store even before Cappy! In the photo set Ken Donnell is the person who gave me a original Don Newton "Tarzan" painting That I posted on the Forum. I also have a tape that the three mentioned and I believe Earl Blair as well did a version of a Captain America Serial which I hope to someday transfer to DVD and put on the site. I also included an ad for HoustonCon'73 with art by the aforementioned Don Newton.

ORIGINAL 1970's Chicago Comic Con pics