Chuck Bunker was one of the new breed of Fandom artist/creator as the term Small Press was coming onto it's own.

I don't know much about Chuck. Others will be lending their voices to tell his story bit I did some background from one of his fellow creators.

Chuck Bunker did some wonderful funny stories, such as "The PieMan" (friendly bakery by day, evil pie-throwing villain at night!), and the evil Quaker Oat Man (who came after little children who didn't eat their oatmeal! Great stuff. It's come to my attention via Rick Bradford thta chuck is still among us though out of Fandom at the moment so i have put this page in the "Whatever happened too..." .

Hope to have a more infor and stories of Chuck but for now please enjoy the art that was supplied to me by Scott McClung.

Mini Comics

1) Some Minis that Chuck published

Chuck's UFO Contributions

Newsletter by Chuck

Comics by Chuck

GeriatrictmanAnnual This cover used the Hectograph coloring method written about in SPCE #8, Cover of Diddly Squat #4

Misc Chuck Art

Save your Soul Art

Letter to Bruce Rosenberger from Chuck Bunker

Thanks to Bruce for sharing the following letter from Chuck.


Below, Steve Keeter wrote about Chuck's health moving him from active status to honorary in TF #117, April 1990.