Editorial thoughts and musings by Anthony Gagliardo


Hello Fan-Nites, I hope all is well with each and everyone one of you. Recently I have talked about the future of Interfan’s plan into publishing. I mentioned the introductory publication where we introduce and up and coming professional. A member will see their voted piece in print in hopes to be picked up from another publishing host. The other is where if no one picks the title up and is popular enough where it pays for itself and able to pay its creator it goes to the next stage of Interfan. Part one is we as members see a potential and vote for a title for publishing. This is a thought until we get the non-profit status going. The extension of that is through the profit organization of Interfan Media Entertainment we could publish self-reliant titles. This is a work in progress.

Right now these are just thoughts on paper. We need to communicate here to see what you as a member of Interfan Publications Ink see as our future in Small Press. The other idea for Interfan Publications Ink is to have mini comics like micro comics or ash can size. My proposed title is MiniFan Comix. This way we can introduce our members created titles and see if there is an interest. These won’t be for free. You do ash cans so you could do a more professional presentation of your product. The ash can production size usually sells for $1.00 US. MiniFan Comix is a trademark of Interfan. We are looking for a new identification logo for this ash can. Please submit your ideas. As members of Interfan Publications Ink you are entitled to use this logo for your Ash Can presentation. When you do please let us know so that we can say that we know of that title and that our list will be updated for our members viewing.

So there you go. Please communicate with us and let us know what you want to do with your Interfan Publications Ink

Anthony T. Gagliardo The People’s Editor

Please E-mail me with comments at: submissions@inter-fan.org