Non-Profit To Mainstream


Hello Fan-Nites,
I hope all is well with every one of you. When I left you last time I mentioned of the future growth of Interfan Productions Ink. We have come together and grown together. We understand the mechanics of getting our creations out there. What we lack in reality is a helping hand to get our dream out there. So, what am I leading to?
As the beginning of the mission statement Interfan will always be “to provide an outlet for independent writers and artists to have their work published in independent publications which hopefully (but not always) leads to other contracts. We also provide in-house critiques by co-editors or a review board.”
As the above statement suggests, if someone would ask a question or query, we are there to help. If we don’t have an answer we know others who do. This is a Network Membership. The point is to help one another as best as we can. Case in point, Doc has put in a few dollars of his own for tables at the Wizard Con. I know others have helped, but that is just a small example of Interfan’s consistent assistants to those who are trying hard to be in the business of comic entertainment.
As promised further into the mission statement, Interfan has provided information of periodicals and portfolios and a all around information of those contributing to the “development of comics as a viable form of literature” by supplying web links to others who have the same tenacity and dream of Interfan. And also there is a gallery, which is like a web portfolio of our members. Still it represents further development and opportunity for others to see their work when it other wise might not be possible.
Interfan is continually trying to fulfill its mission statement. We had contributed to a one shot fanzine and learned from that. “…we don’t plan to rush into this halfcocked.” We are still planning “the publication or development of INTER-FAN and the possible publication of portfolios showcasing some very fine old-timers and new talent drawn from our membership, these include artists who through been in the business awhile might never have done a portfolio before. At the same time we will also try to get back some of fandom artists and writers who might not have done any work for fandom in quite awhile. We hope to expand and enlighten fandom of it’s past and it’s potential future.”
Everything has taken time and effort from all of you. We thank our members of their accomplishments and patience. Now is the next step of our mission statement. To begin with Interfan Productions Ink will become a non-profit organization. In this way members, and for that matter anyone, can make a tax-deductible contribution so that we could assist those trying to make it in the business. Of course it will have to deal with acceptable submissions. That will be in development. It would be under membership vote. Quite possibly you could have someone vote in your stead per proxy. This is just the tip of the iceberg.
Say we have a publication that we helped put together. Once it starts making money for itself (this is in lieu if we believe in the project to continue its assistance) the next step is breaking away from the non-profit so others may have a chance for assistance to mainstream. This is where Interfan Media Entertainment comes in. It is still smaller scale and it is in the hopes you can go main stream. Interfan Media Entertainment is just a suggestion. If there is a company willing to publish your work, great. Our job is to help you get there.
As Doc wrote in the mission statement “We need your support!! We would appreciate suggestions. You may e-mail me @ and tell us what you think.” You could also email me at
. You could also email @ . Please reply. I urge you on the importance of this because it involves every one of you. Your feedback will be most appreciative. We want to help. Help us help you. As mentioned this is just the tip of the iceberg. Thank you for your time. And as usual, INTERFAN RULES!
Anthony Gagliardo “The Peoples Editor”

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