Editorial thoughts and musings by Anthony Gagliardo


Hello Fan Nites, How are all of you? I hope all is well. I went to the San Diego ComiCon International 2006. As usual it was big. As you know the temperature in San Diego at that time was high. Only in the early morning while inside the convention center could you feel the air conditioning. As the bodies grew in number the air conditioning seem to be nil. I brought along a miniature fan that hung around my neck, which helped a little.

I know we have anticipation on our own book “The Interfanthology”. We had plans to publish this year. As you know we were not able at this time. Well you know what? We are not the only ones in this dilemma. In truth it is not a dilemma. It is a normal thing for those who work outside the small press arena. What I mean is those of us who love this genre but not make a living at it yet, strive to have our creation to be published. It takes money folks. It is almost like having a savings account at “Small Press Banking”. We have to take care of our needs and put something aside for our creative works.

It’s really amazing to me how I see mostly the same people plugging their creative works. Sometimes they have a new chapter or issues printed just in time for the Convention. Like me, I look for at least one company that I can only find in the San Diego Comic Convention. Their product is not distributed or sold in our area at least. This year this same company didn’t get their shipment in time for this show. So right now they are pushing the Calgary Comic Convention. There is another independent that had two issues out of their product. I asked when the next issue will be out and their reply was basically dependent on their work schedule. So these people take their vacation time to come out to the shows to plug or advertise themselves. I know it is the same in other Comic Conventions. Squidworks was there also. I must say their new graphic novel is great. You should get one. You can find it at amazon.com

The hard work seems endless but the payoff is grand. The payoff is in three categories or parts. The first payoff is finally having something out there. The second payoff is having fans love your work. Finally, the third payoff is making money in something you love to do. These are the joys and headaches of “Small Press Life”.

Your dream can be a reality. If in back of your mind you want to stop living a dream, don’t. This is what we have. This is our passion. Most of all it is your passion. Don’t give up your dream. Interfan will not give up our dream and plan of the Interfanthology. This is your Interfanthology. Let’s make it happen. Ask us how or lend a hand, you’re more than a friend, you're family at Interfan.

Take Care

Anthony T. Gagliardo The People’s Editor

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