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Hello Fan-Nites, Wow, sorry for the long in between. I have been busy. In short I am planning to go to the Philippines. While there I am planning to meet one of the former animators of Dragon Ball Z. Apparently this individual has a number of contacts on the Philippine side of anime artists that wish to make comics and animation projects. I will let you know what happens in the later months. I am also looking at printing projects to be done there for here. Again I will let you know.

I am also looking into distributorship. I missed talking to Cold Cut at the San Diego Comic Con. So I will try to contact them on the how to and such. Still I am looking to see if we could get one going for small press. Feel free to inform me what you have found out. Some of you, who have been there and done that, please inform us. What is good of the distributorship you as an independent are involved with and what is lacking? What improvements do you see that is needed for the small press distributor? Your feedback will be deeply appreciative.

I have in my hand possibly the last project that Nestor Redondo finished. It is a from Born Again Comics issue #2. This issue was about a famous actor of the Philippines turned evangelist named Fred Galang. From a two-hour conversation with Fred Galang a comic book came about. Pastor Fred was surprised on the detail of his life. The plans are to translate it to English. The copy I have is in Tagalog. Once I scan it I will post it.

I have sentd some pictures to Doc of what I saw at the Comic Con in San Diego, pictures of some friends of Interfan and some new acquaintances. They are now posted in the convention Picture Section, so please take a look.. Until tomorrow have a great today.. Take care and see next time. As always Interfan Rules!

Anthony T. Gagliardo The People’s Editor

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