Editorial thoughts and musings by Anthony Gagliardo


Hello Fan-Nites, I hope all is well with every one of you. Last month I talked about my history in my love in the genre of comics and how Doc and I collaborated as a team. That got me wondering how our family of Interfan was doing. How are your creations coming? How are your story lines coming along? As a creator does it bother you that you that your creative juices seems to evaporate? How do you cope with that dilemma? How do you keep them coming and prepare yourselves in showcasing them to other publications for consideration?

Usually you have a few issues ready to go when you have an ongoing series. That way there is a buffer in case of emergencies and such. At least that is how it was explained to me. If that is not done in that way that could lead to delays in your story and disenchanted fans will quit reading your story line in disgust. One person that comes to mind is Neal Adams. Neal Adams I would say elevated sequential art to what we see today. Most notably Batman is Batman today in part because his collaboration with Denny OíNeil. If you checked one of Marvelís Visionary series on X-Men you could see Neal Adamís work there.

Hereís this guy who started his own independent comics in the 80ís called Continuity Comics. Do you remember those? My three favorites were Ms. Mystic, Samuree and Armor. Though these were my favorites, his cross over storyline DeathWatch 2000 was a resounding success. When I mean cross over I mean with in Continuityís comic line. There were even collectable trading cards. With that being successful Adams tried another series called The Rise Of Magic. It started out great but there were delays in shipping and eventually stopped all together. Iím still waiting for a complete run of the series. Supposedly there is talk of redoing it as a graphic novel. We shall see.

Continuity is still around. They do other graphic art stuff for advertisements and such. They are working on animations work as well, including music videos. Adams redid the old Deadman series from the 60ís. It is hardbound edition. Those interested in an autograph copy can purchased from his site www.nealadams.com.

It could be that Neal Adams was making more money elsewhere and didnít have time to finish his series. That is cruel. Tease your fans then leave them hanging. I love his art but I will be hesitant to buy any on going series. Why get caught in a trap again and be disappointed?

No matter what make a point to write something down when you have creators or writers block. It is something you love I know, it is also work. Hopefully you are able to make time for something you love. I am a good example. I love writing these editorials though I have been grossly neglecting this for a year. Doc has graciously reminded me of my commitment. So now I make time to write down my musings to share with you. I just write. I donít worry of what I am going to talk about. Now it just comes out.
If you have any experience of deadlines not being met or writers/creators block please share how you overcome them. I am sure others will be interested. Right now Iím working on the Interthon idea and the FanFic site for our members. Until next time,

Anthony T. Gagliardo The Peopleís Editor

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