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Hello Everybody,

In the style of comic book writing does it look like a movie script? Or does look more like a script of a play? Is there a difference?

To all writers what is your preference?

To all comic book artists what style of writing do you prefer?

My wife’s cousin “Ferdie” is a scriptwriter and I visited him over the weekend and we were brain storming story ideas. The interesting thing about this was that this was the first time he opened up to me. This was after he saw the Interfan Site and read the editorials and a portion of the forum. He is of yet to join. I will ask next week if he will consider joining and maybe have a forum on script writing.

I know that this has been introduced before. Let us think of it more of a family sense of togetherness. There is great potential here. In our mists we have the talent and tenacity. As far as the Comic Con goes, we can start as a ripple and grow from there. Let’s help each other. Help Interfan help you. INTER-FAN rules! Anthony Gagliardo The People's Editor

Any who, he was showing me different types of movie scripts and one of a few he wrote. He showed me mistakes he made and let me read it so that I may have an idea to write a script of my own. He has been doing this for a while with some mild success. So I listened. Of the three different ways I saw in the way of movie script writing it got me curious of comic book writing. The three questions that started this editorial was the result of my weekend visit to my cousin in law. This even further lead me to my beginnings of when I started to create my characters that evolved into the characters and stories that Doc and I collaborated on.
Before I met Doc I had characters in writing since Junior High School. In fact I was involved with a club that consisted of three members and we called it LAB Comics. LAB was the first initial of the three member’s first names. We were Lawrence, Anthony (that’s me) and Barry. We claimed characters from TV like The Green Hornet to The Man from UNCLE. We didn’t know about registered trademarks and owner’s rights and stuff. This was our group and we didn’t care. We used to argue of who was the fastest, strongest and best over all. Than one day Lawrence settled it by saying “I claim that….” Then he mentions these characters and their skills and strengths to settle a limit, a cut off limit. Man, that pissed us off and we said as much. It was then that we decided that we would record our meetings. Needless to say the group didn’t last long. We’ve kept in touch from time to time.

For what we had, we had some pretty good characters. I wish I could remember Lawrence’s site. He basically uses his characters for his ministry and to teach his children. Which is cool. At first he was the writer dictating (which that is what I thought at the time.) how he wanted a story and gave me descriptions how he wanted the scenes. At the time I was drawing. Of course I did it my way anyway. He got tired of that and decided to teach himself how to draw. At the time he learned from the Hogarth books and “How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way”. He didn’t do half bad. I realized I didn’t have the patience to learn more on comic book style of storytelling via sequential art. I decided to focus my energies to writing.
Barry was involved with DJing last I saw him. It was he who got me interested in Comics in the first place. I could blame him for my habit or thank him for the love of the genre. The latter is what I will pick. I saw Neal Adams Avengers and I was hooked.
A few years later, married and with a baby I met Doc. I knew him then as Lance. I was a manager of a 7-11 store and saw him walk in with a portfolio. Doc was looking for the latest issue of his favorite comics. Back then there were not many specialty stores as there is now. This is mentioned in the first editorial, so I won’t bore you with it this time. Let me now mention our technique as a team. My writing style was writing like I was writing a novel. From there Doc drew what he saw from the style of writing I did. Rarely was there a time we corrected each other. When we did it was always accepted positively. I would say our first collaboration is still our favorite. Wolff Hunter.
Share with us your favorite style of script writing and also how you got into the business of comics. Please reply to the forum The Beginning, Middle, End & Something In Between. I am looking forward with your reply. Dare I say it? Okay I will. Interfan rules!
Anthony Gagliardo The People’s Editor

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