Editorial thoughts and musings by Anthony Gagliardo

Letís Give Ourselves A Chance


Hello Inter-Fan family,
I hope all is well with every one of you. Donít forget your dreams, and your future. Interfan is the future. It is our hope to unite fanzines and small press to become the big little guy. The Big Guns of publishing are great. In one hand they are a goal for some to make it big time. Others still have the dream to having their own publishing company. It is great to see new entertainment out there. The problem there is picking the ones that fit your budget. Anthony Gagliardo Editor-In-Chief

If you noticed of late they are bringing back old favorites. DC brought back Doom Patrol, Richard Dragon and The Challengers of the Unknown. On Marvel you saw the return of Namor in his own mag, the Inhumans and most recently Iron Fist. Even old Shang Chi had a mini series. I think it was six issues so I guess that was considered a maxi series. Old is becoming new again. I am sure I have missed a few others. For us older guys who have collected from the sixties and seventies it is quite nostalgic. Wait a minute; didnít I just mention new entertainment? Has the well run dry for these guys to try old stuff? Are they worried that they have to pay free lancers for new creations? We all heard what happened to Dave Cockrum, right? When the New X-Men came out Cockrum was a free lancer and still owned rights to some of the characters of the X-men, Nightcrawler being the most notable. Or maybe it is closer to the truth in saying that Marvel didnít own 100% of the characters that Cockrum helped create. The X-Men movie came and made mega bucks, blah, blah, blah

Cockrum was sick (literally, he was laid up in the hospital for awhile), and then there was an outcry. Kind of like what had happened with Siegel and Schuster. As you may have guessed, Neal Adams helped with this too. There is more info at nealadams.com. Jim Lee of all the independents made it good for himself. He doesnít have to work. Heís still making the bucks though a little less pressure. It is very noticeable his pure love of the genre. DC buying Wildstorm, wow. If there were undertones, it doesnít matter. Set for life and then some speaks volumes. To dream and succeed, that in it self should be an inspiration.

What am I getting at you ask? With Interfan we have intertainment. Thatís right a new word from the Peoples Editor. Letís support us by buying from our own family. Let us plan on Comic Conventions that we may help our members. Members please give your ideas. I still like the interthon idea. With the interthon we could raise money for whatever is needed for a successful convention. It could be for something like the Wizard Con or our own Indy Con for small press. We have to go where the crowds are willing to go. I give this to you in hoping that we can plan together for a greater good in small press. We could focus on One big Comic Con and one or two small Comic Cons. Hopefully we could do one big one and a small one of our own.

I know that this has been introduced before. Let us think of it more of a family sense of togetherness. There is great potential here. In our mists we have the talent and tenacity. As far as the Comic Con goes, we can start as a ripple and grow from there. Letís help each other. Help Interfan help you. INTER-FAN rules!

Anthony Gagliardo The People's Editor

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