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Here We Grow

...Hello Fan-Nites, Iím back! I really never left. Just been hanging about in the background, con-templating. Thinking of how I was involved in the 80ís with Interfan. Doc always mentioning of Bertges (not sure if this is spelled right) and in the end Doc inherited the reins, so to speak. I remember Inter-Chain. I am happy to see the collaborated issue available as a reprint. I guess I am in the mood of a Then and Now scenario.

We have come a long way from fanzines to small press to web comics. In the old days it was thought that if you worked in DC or Marvel you graduated into the big leagues. Even then it wasnít really a bed of roses. I am sure there are more, though who come to mind are Jack Kirby, Jerry Siegel, Joe Schuster, Steve Gerber, Dave Cockrum, and Dave Sim. These people of creativity had difficulty getting their just rewards; though in public view we knew the truth. These people sacrifice a great deal for those who are now able to have a decent living from comic book genre.

Creators and self publishers like Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; Mike Mignola of Hell Boy; Frank Miller with his 300 and Sin City. Iím sure they had their own path to work on so they could get where they are today. Just like us at Interfan. We learn from our past and present heroes who graduated to success. Each time the wheel of experience turns it picks up new information to use and share.

As we learned from others, we too can help one another. Interfan is a network of like minded people. Iím happy to say that we are more than that. We are family. This family has grown and now we have a second issue of Interfanthology coming our soon.

The third annual Interfan Jam will be this October 17th and 18th in Chicago, IL at the Portage Theater in 6 Corners. Admission prices are $5 and two cans of food (optional) or $10 for a two day pass. Kids under 5 are free. The hours for both days are 10am-6pm. For more info on that you can go to www.inter-fan.org/InterFanJam/InterfanJam2009.htm.

Letís network together and be someone elseís inspiration. Let us help someone to do their own magnanimous creation. Let us direct unchallenged minds to form an idea for all of us to share in its making. In the end we can applaud one another and say, ďI was there when he (or she) was brainstorming that idea.Ē In Interfan when one makes it we all make it and are glad of it. Interfan rules! Until next time

Take Care

Anthony T. Gagliardo The Peopleís Editor

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