Editorial thoughts and musings by Anthony Gagliardo

”In The Beginning..”

Hello Fan Nites, It's quite difficult to finish your masterpiece of a story when your notes are in another country. You want to start putting your notes together and then it becomes disparagingly grievance because of circumstances far beyond your immediate control.

Yes, I know. Time and time again you are reminded that you have to back up any and all of your work. I do that but still I don't have any with me. Thank God for the USB flash drive. You can carry it anywhere and it is not cumbersome. Now I have no excuse for not having anything to bring with me. If I don't have a laptop there is always a library desktop computer to use. Maybe a friend will allow me to use their computer. I can even go to a electronics store and check out their pc and use my flash drive. Why do this? You never know when you have a brilliant idea needing to be written down.

So my advice, if you haven't already thought about it, is to get a flash drive. Even an external hard drive will be great. It's up to you, the artist or writer on the run. Even to have your own blog will be a good way to keep notes. Again you could use the library or a friends PC. This day an age there is no excuse for the Artist on the Run. They should remake the song "Band on the Run" to "Artist on the Run". Until next time......

Take Care

Anthony T. Gagliardo The People’s Editor

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