Editorial thoughts and musings by Anthony Gagliardo


Hello Fan Nites, I hope all is well with each and every one of you. The first annual Interfan Jam in Portage, Indiana is coming March 10th. This is a one-day event, and looks to be the start of the Comicon season. As promised, Interfan birthed a Comicon for the independent creator! This is back to our roots what the Chicago Con and San Diego Comicon used to be. Camaraderie of fans to share insight and common ground interests. This will kick off a whole slew of mini-cons that are no doubt scheduled this year. In stead of this being a mini-con, it is more of an Indy-con. This is the first Indy-Con, a Comicon for the Independent publishers and creators of small press.

In the larger Comicons smaller independent publishers, artists and writers get lost in the larger magnanimous production ridden Comicons. Focusing on an independent Small Press Comicon will give you a much wider scope of net-working and meeting a lot of people with the same dream and hope to do what you love. It is an art form that is done with a passion.

Those of you, who are just starting, start with the small Comicons. Graduate to a larger comicon later. That is if you have your own creation. If you want to work for the big guns, by all means go to the mega Comicon and stay in those long lines so the ever-loving professionals could critique your work as writer, artist, inker, or colorist. Don’t expect to be hired on the spot. Expect criticism first before there is praise. They are behind the table or booth for a reason.

Are you one of those who are tired of those magnanimous production ridden Comicons? Do you want to proceed in a positive enlightenment to propagate self-reliance with a group of supporters? Do you want to continue or start anew in your pursuit of happiness or satisfaction in independent creativity? Do you support and enjoy works of those who fulfill their desire to create for the sake of entertainment? Interfan Jam is a way to meet all your needs with a little help from their friends.

Most times when you start out is for the dream of having a creation out there. The next passion usually is helping someone meet that dream. The other fruit of your labors is to make a living in that dream. Interfan Jam is that dream maker. We are a family of entertainment loving genre that we could be the next teenage mutant ninja turtle franchise to the money machine that marvel and dc has become for the movie industry with a lot more coming. With Interfan Jam it is baby steps. Don’t give up in your dream. Let us help with ideas to kick around to help proceed in a positive enlightenment to propagate self-reliance with a group of supporters who agree to “follow that dream whatever that dream may be.” If you don’t follow that dream than you have no excuse but to blame yourself for not trying. Come visit us at Interfan Jam and enjoy the independence of it. Until next time…

WHEN: March 10, 2007. (The second Saturday in March)

WHERE: Portage, Indiana (Sycamore Room, Woodland Park)
HOURS: 11:00AM to 7:00PM CST

Public admission is:

• Free if they donate blood at the Red Cross Bloodmobile (parked out in front of the show) or

• Bring 2 cans of food (to be donated to the local food pantry after the show), or

• $5.00 cash.

Please go to INTER-FANJAM.ORG then click the link to INTER-FAN Jam forum for any questions and updates.

Take Care

Anthony T. Gagliardo The People’s Editor

Please E-mail me with comments at: submissions@inter-fan.org