Editorial thoughts and musings by Anthony Gagliardo


Hello Fan-Nites, I hope all is well with every one of you. I have not got new info on the distributorship and printing for independent publishers yet. I have been really busy just trying to get my son in school. But donít fret I will have some info in a couple of weeks or sooner. Later this year I will be moving to the Philippines to finish school and while I am there I will start an Interfan chapter. That is where I will start INTERFAN MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT.

My focus will be doing graphic novels as introductory to independent characters. If the characters are popular enough they will start their own magazine or comic book. Printing is less expensive there. I will crunch the numbers and compare. Whatever I find out I will share with you.

I will be coming back from time to time. I still make a living, or at least attempting to, selling Life Insurance. My hope is to at least come once a year to either San Diego Comic Con or Wizard Worlds Con in Rosemont, IL. That is the thought for now. I donít know about you but I was saddened with Johnny Carsonís passing and Ossie Davis as well. I grew up admiring their talent and the enjoyment of watching them entertain us. Also a boxing legend Max Schmelling also passed. Why mention a sports legend? Sports are also entertainment. Entertainment is part of our history.

Interfan has its own history. Together we will continue to make history, our own saga of helping one another and enjoying each otherís success. Weíre family. Doc is our leader and at times our father to keep us together. Lady Doc is the one that helps Doc focus on the original plan of Interfan Ink. I donít know you all that help Doc but I hope you all know it is well appreciated. I wish I could do more. Hopefully I can while I am in the Philippines. If you know any prospects that I should meet there let me know please and I will report my findings and excitements.

We have a lot of hard workers here and what I like about Interfan is that it is simple meaning no complications. There are guidelines to voice an opinion. And that is respect. We can respectfully agree and disagree. You are welcome to voice an opinion or advice to the well being and future of INTERFAN and its members. To all participants thank you for these and those to come. I will see you in a couple of weeks to give you the Independent Information. It may just be a repeat from December but I think it is good information. Until next timeÖ.Interfan ROCK AND RULE!

Anthony T. Gagliardo The Peopleís Editor

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