Editorial thoughts and musings by Anthony Gagliardo


Hello Fan-Nites, I hope all are having a very good new year. This month is a sad time. We lost a great pioneer in the story telling through sequential graphics. His name is Will Eisner. As you notice I didnít use past tense. Through his body of work he will be remembered. I may not have met the man, though through his work you get the feeling you know him.

Especially through his interviews in his book Shop Talk. Shop Talk is a great read because there are even more giants in our history of our comic book industry that have influenced our heroes of the day. By heroes I mean artists that drew our favorite golden and silver age comics. If you pick up anything of Mr. Eisnerís work, pick up Shop Talk. It will be worth it. Even for us writers

I believe Mr. Eisner is credited to be the first person to have a graphic novel. So in dedication to him I would implore you to start one. Try a large one shot to see if that will fly. At least you have a product that is out there that can stand-alone or it will have new fans asking for more. This could lead to an on going series if it proves to be a fan favorite, just a thought, a dare maybe? No, a double dare. Until next time, Interfan rocks!

Anthony T. Gagliardo The Peopleís Editor

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