Editorial thoughts and musings by Anthony Gagliardo

Hello Fan-Netnites,

Hello Fan-Netnites, I hope all is well with each and every one of you. The fruits of the holidays have come and gone. Now we have to trek our way into the New Year. This year for 2003 let us shoot for a goal. Naturally for the New Year there is a resolution. This resolution should be about our dreams and aspirations. Let us set time aside to fulfill them. There are four books out there that aspire me to do just that. Let me mention these and I will just give a sentence or two of what I got out of each of them.

“Zen in the Art of Writing” by Ray Bradbury – What this book dictates to me is just write. Don’t worry what anyone says. Just do what you enjoy. Take criticism, but don’t let it discourage you. Enjoy yourself in your writing. If you make money in writing, all the better. This can translate to all other aspects of production, including artist, colorist, etc. Basically I found this as a motivation guide to my creative juices.

“Comic Books and Other Necessities of Life” by Mark Evanier – This book is a collection of articles he wrote entitled POV for “Comics Buyers Guide”. These were just anecdotes of his experiences in the comic book business. There are a lot of personal memories that are enjoyable and educational in a simple sort of way. It’s just a good read. He may have been and still is one of the best writers around. He started like you and me. He loves comics and has amassed a large collection. Mr. Evanier does not have the heart to rid any of his graphic treasures. Sounds a lot like most of us, doesn’t it? Mark Evanier doesn’t write POV anymore for CBG, although he does write some on his web site. It is at POVonline

“On Writing, A Memoir of the Craft” by Stephen King - I am still reading this book. It is basically a two-part book. The first part is semi biographical segments that influenced some of his famous writings. The second part is a seminar on writing. Thus far to be a writer you must write. Set aside some time if you are serious to be a writer. Write in retrospect of what you know. Not literally what you know but use what experiences you may have to help along your story. Just write. A strong suggestion is to write six days a week and rest for one day. Well, may be one day. It really strongly hints at a seven days a week. But if you must rest, take one day.

“Man of Two Worlds, My Life in Science Fiction and Comics” by Julius Schwartz. Who hasn’t heard of Julius Schwartz? If you haven’t then you need to read this book. It is a good book on the science fiction genre and the early days of golden age comics. What Doc and I want to do with Interfan Ink, Julius Schwartz has done in the science fiction genre. He helped Ray Bradbury publish his first works. Not only is this book inspirational to anyone who is trying to break into the novel scene, but to those who are trying to break into the comic scene. It is history to learn and understand. This would be a good companion book to the Scott McCleod books. I would also include the two books that Doc recommends to learn about fandom.

I know it is more than a couple of sentences to explain each of the above entries. What can I say? I couldn’t help my self. These books are a suggested read and good in anyone’s library. Take care and enjoy. Anthony T. Gagliardo Editor-In-Chief

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