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How to Prepare for a Comic Convention Special July 2004 Editorial


Hello Fan Nites,

I hope all is well with everyone one of you. I made it to one day of the San Diego Comic Con. Let me tell you that Saturday is the best day to go. Saturdays are best because that is the day of the Masquerade Contest and ball. So everywhere you turn there are people in outrageous to spectacular costumes. I am sorry that my digital camera was inoperable at this time. I will ask an acquaintance of mind if I could get some of his pictures and post it on the forum. I will keep you posted on that. This leads into my editorial, How to Prepare for a Comic Convention.

What I wanted to do was as usual; go to the Small Press section of the Con. I wanted to meet our friends of Interfan and SPA that Doc suggested I meet. I only met one of them and had a difficult time to find one individual whom I wanted to see and then see the others. I wanted to see the seminars and panels of other things of interest like the new fall schedule of network cartoons and such. Industry info that is usually enlightening and fun, the anime movies and also motion pictures that I missed when they were out. Some are already in DVD form like the Daredevil movie. I had my business card of Interfan Productions Ink and SPA cards to distribute. I thank Doc for his assistance in this. It was a big help. This was the plan in mind.

Let me say that a plan in mind is plan undermined. No matter what intentions you have, your plan should be in writing to over view what needs to be accomplished. To begin with you need to see the daily schedule to meet these accomplishments. Donít forget to get the on site newsletter, if any. Keep in mind that schedules can be changed so hopefully it wonít ruin your overall plan. The newsletter will have the updates. There is usually a layout of the convention with a schematic of where and who the booths are. Donít be shy to pen the areas on the map where you want to go. Also pen the times you want to be in a certain area. Coordinate with the schedule provided. The map with the info will help at a glance. It is a suggestion. Looking back I wish I did this.

I also had this plan to take pictures and interview some people. I even had a mini recorder that I misplaced or lost earlier in the week. I didnít know it was missing until the day of the Convention. Also the camera that I wanted to use was full and I couldnít empty the darn thing because my laptop that I use for the camera was dead. I thought it was charged. Silly me. I thought, ĎNo problem, I will use an outlet at the Con. When I got there no outlet to use. They were being used. There were a lot of people from the media using the outlets I assume because I didnít see any open outlet to use. A couple years ago I could have sworn that there were more available outlets.

The bottom line is donít wait till the last minute to get ready for something important. Which to me, the San Diego Comic Con was important. I wanted to share with you what you might want to know and see. I should have started to get things ready two weeks before the blessed event. I say at least two weeks if you have a family. If you donít and your single at least a week. Sooner is always better. It just depends on the information you use for the Comic Con. What I was able to accomplish was to give out some cards and get Fieza her autographs of Wendy and Richard Pini on the cover of San Diego Comic Con Schedule of events. I hope to mail that out soon.
Lets review
1) Before going to the comic con be prepared
2) Check your equipment and make sure they are in working order in plenty of time before the Con starts. Donít do what I did and wait for the last minute.

3) Make sure you are subscribed to the Comic con update magazines. You could subscribe online. This tells the happenings and up to date info on upcoming events.
4) Maybe a month before the event check the website of possible changes of guests and events. Changes are made often. Never take a proposed schedule as confirmed until you get to the Con.
5) Which leads to make sure you get the on site newsletters that is printed daily. This is the most up to date info you will need. Donít be afraid to mark your maps with time schedule so you know when you want to be there.
6) Donít forget about parking. This is a big issue. The closer you are to the Convention the more expensive it can become. In San Diego most of the parking lots increase their weekend fares at the height of the Con. Try to coordinate the parking with free shuttle if available in your area.
I hope you have learned from my mistakes. I know I have. I am working on trying to go to the Wonder Con in San Francisco. I will let you know what is up with that.
Until next time, Interfan Rules!
Anthony T. Gagliardo
ďThe Peoples EditorĒ

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