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Convention Highlights Part Two

Greetings Fan-Nites, I hope all is well with every one of you. When last I spoke of the San Diego Comic Convention I rattled on about what may be a good way to prepare for the Con. Yes, I had a hectic day that day, though I did meet some people.

The first person I did meet was Saul of SSS Comics. What caught my eye was the splash page of “Zen The Intergalactic Ninja” created and drawn by Bill Maus. After my introductions with Saul I talked with Bill about his character. He is happy to be with SSS Comics and also working on a project for Zen to be a movie. He had other pending projects but alas they fell through. I mentioned about video game of Zen and he explained that was fun to do. Bill will contact me when the new Zen Comic will come out.

Why am I mentioning Zen or Bill Maus? Zen has been rehashed or re-released going on its fourth rendition. Between the Zen resurrections Bill Maus has kept busy doing his artwork. Although he wasn’t seen or heard from in awhile he was still busy doing what he loved to do. That is he was always involved in some sort of creative process. For those who feel discouraged in your endeavors to create or publish your works don’t give up your dream. As a writer or artist do what everyone else does trying to break into the business. Send samples of your work to the publishers. Not only of your own creations but theirs too. Always look for a way to get your foot into the door. The more you network the more you know people. Sometimes it is whom you know.

I also met and talked with Gregg W. Noon of Shooting Star Comics. When they first started they did comics annually. These consisted of a group of completed stories within themselves. Presently they are doing quarterly comics. To their surprise the annual comics did okay. This information came from Gregg. I also met Sean Taylor. Both are writers. Sean is Editor-in-Chief, while Gregg is the Business Development Manager. I didn’t meet their artists because they were in a meeting critiquing artwork. I believe you could find their stuff in www.ShootingStarComics.com and www.dimestoreproductions.com. I was thinking maybe we at Interfan Productions Ink could do the same thing. We could do an anthology of our members. Completed short stories as an introduction to some of our talent. Maybe we could do graphic novels or one shots. These one shots could start yearly or quarterly depending on the demand, just a seed for thought.

I also met writer Kandrix Foong and artist Laurie Breitkreuz of Konsequential Studios. They have a comic book called A Monk’s Tale. It is about three monks on a journey of self-discovery. The temples are made up and the style or systems are made up also. Though the conflicts in the stories are based loosely of the history of China. The focus though is not the history but the characters in the story, three diverse monks and their own interpretation of their purpose. It is a nice story. Numbers 0-3 is out. Number four will be at the Wizard Con in Chicago. What is nice about their publication they show a how they put their product together. It is like a how to and you can do it too workshop in print. Each issue gives a big thank you for those who helped them in their quest for publication. Stop by and say hi. Tell them Anthony sent you from Interfan Productions Ink San Diego.

The last interesting person that I met was a guy named Garry Davis. He is the founder of World Service Authority. He is the first citizen of the world. To know what I am talking about there are two books out that can tell you more of this. The first is “MY COUNTY IS THE WORLD The Adventures Of A World Citizen” and “World Government, Ready or Not”. You can check out his websites at www.worldservice.org and www.worldcitnews.org. Garry Davis is a WWII veteran and came from a family of entertainers. After the war he felt a burden of world peace. To this day he is preaching people to be citizen of the world. He has legal documents to prove his citizenship to the world that is accepted to many of the countries around the world. Check it out. I got two of his books for reference to a possible link to one of stories Doc and I developed years ago. That story is “The Wolff Hunter Saga”.
I didn’t tell Mr. Davis my title though I did tell him I was working on a story with a one-world government and will be using his books as reference. He was kind enough to give me a copy of his first book mentioned first in the previous paragraph. I wish I had more time to talk with him. The Comic Book Convention is a very diverse place and open minded in true free speech. I read his nametag and it read “full member”. Yet they allowed him a table to represent himself. How cool is that? Things that make you go, “hmm”. Until next time, Inter-Fan Rules!

Anthony T. Gagliardo The People’s Editor

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