The Thousand, stems from a purchase I made with Richard Ashcraft for several of his unpublished heroes, which he says is at least one thousand, now I can't confirm this, but what he sent me he did have a heck of a lot of heroes.
I got the idea to combine his with heroes I had conceived plus others from various sources that I had permission to use. I then called this new imprint The 1000. Hopefully we will have some stories out soon, in the meantime please enjoy some character designs I did based on Richard's and my conceptual heroes.

The Thousand

The group below may be our flagship group. The U.S.A. United Super-Heroes of America, is the brainchild of Richard's and he will be writing his original story, while I will be doing an alternate one where some of my characters were added along with two Public domain ones. These should be pretty good stories.

The next two, The Academy and Air Command, I haven't really explored yet though hopefully will come up with some great stories. The illustrations are Richard's which aren't too bad but we will be redrawing/redesigning.

Commanding Pilot and The Crime Fighters (Designed by Jerry Bails)

The first illo was done by Michael T. Gilbert of Mr. Monster fame, as he was a fan of Jerry's.

Again, the first illo was done by Michael T. Gilbert of Mr. Monster fame, as he was a fan of Jerry's.

Here are some actual artwork Jerry did back in the late fifties/early sixties. Enjoy!!

Here is one of the Human Fly.

Evencher Publications & Tubera/Yari Comics Group

A lot of these heroes are ones I created back in the 70's with a friend named Bruce Even, thus Evencher, and 80's are ones Anthony Gagliardo (Tubera) created in which some I designed for him.

This first group are heroes I created back in te 70's the art from that time is mostly lost though I do have a few pieces like the Liberty Comics cover. The American Flag and Captain Sprocket illo is a recreation I did in the 80's from 70's artwork.

This next group of illos are from my three part story The Lunatic Legion, which originally I drew for Paul Curtis' Micro Comics series back in the mid 80's. Unfortunately, real life and other things came into play so I shelved it till the late 90's, which at that point Anthony took my script and tried to redevelop it. In 2003 Joe Zierman did a few pages (the middle two illos), but again the time was not right. The original first chapter appeared in Jim Main's SATYR. The last illo are the three Micro Comics covers put together.

Here are two other Micro Comics projects that Tony and I did. First is Wonder-Man, a goofball who read comics constantly so much that he would imitate such heroes as Batman like the two unpublished pages below shows.

The following set is the last attempt to do another MC book. "Night-Hawk" was an offshoot of our Wollf-Hunter Saga about a street wise ex-cop vigilante in the mold of pulp heroes like The Shadow or The Spider.

Below are some character designs for a group Anthony developed called Star Lords. He even wrote a full script, which again we hope to get illustrated. This group will also be retro-actively part of Lunatic Legion with the help of Rene Castillano.

Stay tuned for updates.